Focus on the Family

by Jessica Bryan

Focus accused GLSEN of “sexualizing” Santa Claus in a theatrical fundraiser entitled Santa Claus is Coming Out! The group also argued that “Every child needs a mom and a dad” is “more than a campaign slogan,” argued that the case in Alameda, California shows how gay rights activists are attempting to trump parental rights in school curriculum, argued that promotion of “unrestrained sexual license” is a form of governmental control over the masses a la Brave New World, and discussed the vote in the New York Senate to not legalize gay marriage and LGBT efforts through campaign contributions to “redefine marriage.”

The group also wrote about the  3-judge panel of 9th Circuit judges who issued a preliminary ruling about the release of the internal documents of the Prop. 8 proponents, saying that it is likely that they will not be forced to release them.  Focus also criticized the research of a postdoctoral student in Canada who argues that porn does not change men’s perception of women or their relationships with them.

An email from Focus discussed the negative impact of porn on families and communities.

A second email from the group noted that some argue that a UN climate treaty may be a threat to U.S. sovereignty and “have a devastating impact on U.S. families.”

A third email from focus includes an interview with Jim Daly about the Manhattan Declaration.


Sojourners, multiple angles on Obama’s UN speech

by M. Pulliam

Sojourners summarizes President Obama’s first speech to the United Nations and his four pillars: nuclear weapons, peacekeeping, the environment, and a global economy.

     Further comments on President Obama’s speech and Just Peace Theory.
     An additional 6-points about Obama’s plan and nuclear security.
     President Obama’s comments on climate change are highlighted.

People of faith gather around the immigration reform movement.

Reframing “discrimination” as “protection of identity” in examining Bush-era policies on federal funding for religious organizations.

Sojourners discusses the role of racism in opposition to Obama’s policies and what the Christian response should be.


by Jessica Bryan

FRC reported on the murder of the Census worker in Kentucky, Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech at the UN meeting, statements by the author and “abortionist” Dr. Susan Wicklund, and the death of William Wright Abbott III (editor of the Papers of George Washington) who claimed that “George Washington was the first candidate to benefit from a gender gap.”

An FRC Action Alert email from the group urges subscribers to “Please call these key Senators today and urge them to support Sen. Hatch’s amendments to keep government funded abortions out of the Baucus bill…(link to email with list of senators).”

A Washington Update email discussed abortion, marriage, adult stem cells, and concluded with ads for FRC events.

ACLJ: Ahmadinejad Must Be Held Accountable

by D. Bennett

The American Center for Law and Justice reports that their international affiliate, the European Centre for Law and Justice, has filed a petition with the United Nations urging action against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

In the wake of the recent elections in Iran, overwhelmingly believed to be rigged for Ahmadinejad, the ECLJ has called for Iran to be “held accountable for its serious and repeated violations of human rights and international law.” Read the petition here.

Sekulow also sent an e-mail to subscribers, urging them to make a donation to support related efforts.

“The Iranian government must answer for their brutal campaign of violence and oppression against their own citizens,” Sekulow wrote. “Your immediate online donation will help the ACLJ and ECLJ gather the international community to stand against the Iranian government’s abuse of basic human rights.”