ESA: Torture, guns, poverty, climate change

by M. Pulliam

In an email update, Evangelicals for Social Action quotes the director of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture who is disappointed in the Senate Republicans’ decision to stop investigating the use of torture.

As federal FY 2010 begins, ESA encourages people to be prayerful about justice for the poor and asks individuals to take action by writing to their elected leaders and expressing their concern for those in poverty.

ESA says the church should stand in solidarity with those in need of a second chances, specifically the formerly incarcerated. They support the Prison Re-entry Initiative and the Second Chance Act of 2007.

Regarding climate change, ESA applauds Obama’s climate change speech, notes the report about the six different types of Americans, and calls for people to be educated and committed in battling misinformation.

ESA reports on civil disobedience acts in Philadelphia where faith leaders collaborated to shut down a gun shop that had been linked to many violent crimes.


BreakPoint: Death by government?

by Ruth Moon

Chuck Colson questions the wisdom of putting the government in charge of life or death decisions with the proposed health care plan.

Colson also suggests that health care reform should focus first on changing trial lawyer commercials, which he says help lead to billions of dollars in malpractice lawsuits.

Since ACORN’s funding was cut, BreakPoint says we shouldn’t turn a blind eye to taxpayer-funded prostitution, drugs and torture.

Christianity is linked to prosperity, BreakPoint says.

BreakPoint reports that Philadelphia will shut down 54 city libraries if they can’t find funding by Friday.

EPPC: Laments of Obama’s interrogation regulations

by M. Pulliam

An article highlighted by the Ethics and Public Policy Center laments how the advances in intelligence gathering since 9/11 have been reversed by the Obama administration.

“…the suspect CIA will no longer question high-value terrorists. Now, a committee of experts from several intelligence and law enforcement agencies – a committee housed at the FBI – will decide whether and how to question the enemy, or should I say “alleged perpetrators.” This group will report directly to the White House.”

Evangelicals for Social Action: government, torture, climate change

by M. Pulliam

Evangelicals for Social Action direct readers to take action on abuse of detainees in US custody. The CIA Inspector General’s recent report describes more extensive torture than previous reports have described.

ESA describes what a Biblical perspective of government looks like and how it could help resolve meaningless conflict about health care reform.

A writer reports about her visit to India.

“Changes in monsoon rainfall patterns, flooding and drought, and the increased frequency of large-scale disasters like the 2005 tsunami are all climate-related circumstances that may be blips on the radars of nations in the North but that cut countries like India to the bone. Among the rural poor of India, in particular, these circumstances can’t be ignored, and their causes can’t be speculated on or argued over.”