ACLJ: President Obama’s Supreme Court opportunity

by D. Bennett

The American Center for Law and Justice, in an e-mail to subscribers, writes a word of warning concerning the new vacancy on the Supreme Court:

President Obama is likely to name a nominee who will embrace an extremely liberal judicial philosophy.”

The ACLJ further writes that whoever the nominee is should be subjected to detailed and thorough questions about his or her judicial philosophy.

They write, “It’s what the American people expect and deserve!”

Liberty Counsel: Stevens’ resignation to set up Supreme Court battle

by D. Bennett

The Liberty Counsel was quick to issue a statement following Justice John Paul Stevens’ announcement that he will step down from the Supreme Court this summer.

Of his eventual successor, the Counsel writes, “The American people deserve a Supreme Court nominee who respects the rule of law and who will set aside personal bias in order to be faithful to the Constitution.”

The Counsel then urged its readers to “Pray that any efforts to confirm a judicial activist to the Court will be unsuccessful.”

ERLC and Richard Land

by Jessica Bryan

The ERLC noted that Richard Land was “honored during the first Weyrich Awards Dinner in Washington, D.C.,” commented on the vote by the Senate to table the Nelson-Hatch amendment, reported on the Supreme Court’s decision to hear the case “of the University of California Hastings College of the Law’s refusal to recognize the Christian Legal Society as a ‘registered student organization,'” discussed the vote in the House in the omnibus spending bill that would “drop a longstanding ban on government funds for abortions in the District of Columbia,” and discussed in detail decision made by the woman who quit her job at Planned Parenthood because of a “turn of heart.”

The latest Life Digest post from the group commented on the Berkley City Council’s decision to send coat hangers to pro-life members of Congress and on secret videos on Planned Parenthood “deceit.”  The group also reported on a new “pro-life study” from the World Economic Forum that “showed countries with more restrictive abortion laws have better maternal mortality rates than those with liberal policies.”  Here is some of the evidence they offer:

Ireland, a strongly pro-life country, ranked No. 1 in the world with only one death for every 100,000 live births, according to the report. The United States has a maternal mortality ratio of 17 deaths per 100,000 live births.


 by Jessica Bryan

The FRC posted links to some articles of interest.  The group also posted a video of their new ad about health care costs.

A Washington Update email from the group criticized the inclusion of hate crimes legislation in a defense bill and discussed a bill that was introduced in Baltimore, MD requiring “pregnancy resource centers” (PRCs) to post signs that they “don’t provide contraception or abortion” or the PRC would face a $500 a day fine.

A second Washington Update email discussed Sen. Harry Reid’s attempt to adjust Medicare reimbursement rates, criticized Kevin Jennings for supporting an AIDS exhibit at Harvard University, and discussed an order from the U.S. Supreme Court  to telling Washington’s Secretary of State to keep the contact information confidential of people who “supported a pro-marriage initiative.”

Focus on the Family

by Jessica Bryan

Focus posted about children and gay couples, marriage between one man and one woman, responded to a criticism on the previous post about children and gay couples, claimed that Sandra Day O’Connor deserves to have her decisions overruled, and  discussed human trafficking in India.

An email from Focus talked about President Obama’s scheduled keynote address at the Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) 13th Annual National Dinner on Saturday.