ADF: “New Jersey Senate rejects same-sex ‘marriage’ bill”

by D. Bennett

The Alliance Defense Fund reports that the New Jersey State Senate has voted down a same-sex marriage measure by a vote of 20-14. The vote followed a period of vigorous debate, while several hundred opponents and supporters of the measure gathered outside the Statehouse engaging in “loud, often-contentious rallies.”

ERLC and Richard Land

by Jessica Bryan

The ERLC discussed the moral justification for organ donation and Richard Land’s call for people to consider whether they want to be an organ donor.

In the latest Life Digest post, the group  noted that Planned Parenthood dropped a lawsuit they had filed against the former employee who quit working for them after a “spiritual conversion” caused her to oppose abortion.  They also talked about Rick Warren’s Nov. 29th appearance on Meet the Press where he publicly opposed the “mantra” that abortion should be “safe, legal and rare.”  Finally, the ERLC discussed anti-abortion legislation (and a possible constitutional amendment) in Mexico.

The ERLC also criticized D.C. City Council for not allowing D.C. voters to decide whether or not to legalize same-sex marriage in the District.

Focus on the Family

by Jessica Bryan

Focus discussed the Manhattan Declaration calling it “bold” and saying that:

The authors and signers unapologetically defend the sanctity of life and marriage from a biblical and social perspective.  The document also outlines the cultural challenges to the freedom of religion and rights of conscience.

The group also urged readers to contact their senators over the Thanksgiving holiday week and ask them to vote against the health care reform bill which supposedly provides funding for abortion.

An email from Focus discussed the Senate vote to allow debate on the health care reform bill and what certain senators “stood to gain from the move.”

A second email from the group talked about a high school guidance counselor who is being criticized for “appearing in an ad supporting repeal of the state’s same-sex marriage law.”

In a third email, Focus discussed a ruling by a judge to give custody to the former partner of the biological mother of a little girl.  The article begins as follows:

Superior Judge William Cohen ruled last week that Lisa Miller, a former lesbian who is now a Christian, must hand her daughter, Isabelle, over to her former partner, Janet Jenkins by Jan. 1.

Miller conceived Isabella through artificial insemination while she was in a civil union with Jenkins.  About a year later, Miller left homosexuality.

Focus on the Family

by Jessica Bryan

Focus discussed the “battle” over same sex marriage in Maine.  The group also commented on the controversy about releasing the contact information of people who “who sign petitions or donate money to protect marriage in connection with voter initiatives and referendums.”

In an email, Focus  argued that cap and trade legislation would put a financial burden on families.

Another email from Focus notes that James Dobson will be leaving “the radio program and from official affiliation with the organization” Focus on the Family.  A second link in the email contains an interview with Matthew Spalding.


by Jessica Bryan

The ERLC commented on the supposed lack of transparency with the passage of complex and expensive legislation in Congress this year.


ERLC President Richard Land submitted testimony Oct. 26 for hearings by the D.C. City Council and the D.C. Board of Elections & Ethics, expressing opposition to the same-sex marriage bill and asking that District residents be given the opportunity to vote on marriage.

ERLC and Richard Land

by Jessica Bryan

The ERLC discussed the passage of hate crimes legislation in Congress, saying that “liberals in Congress made further progress in their effort to normalize homosexual behavior in the United States.”

In their latest Life Digest post, the group discussed the progress of the 40 Days for Life campaign, the proposed plan to fine pregnancy centers in Baltimore who do not post signs listing services they do not provide, and the possibility of womb transplants being available in 2 years.

Richard Land discussed communism and same sex marriage.  He also talked about hate crimes and compared Afghanistan to Vietnam (saying one is not like the other).  Finally, Land discussed Iran and “intimidation tactics used against those who disagree with the White House.”

Focus on the Family: Hate and Marriage

by Jessica Bryan

Focus on the Family writes about the Prop 8 case Perry v. Schwarzenegger  and the 1972 case of Baker v. Nelson In Baker, according to Focus:

the Supreme Court dismissed an appeal from the Minnesota Supreme Court denying two homosexuals the right to be married under Minnesota’s law that restricted marriage to one man and one woman.

An email  from Focus discusses new hate crime legislation.