ACLJ: Victory for Christian student club

by D. Bennett

The American Center for Law and Justice reports that its letter to a Conn. school has helped get a student-run Christian club’s application approved by the school’s student government. The ACLJ took issue with the school requiring tighter restrictions and requirements of the Christian club, as opposed to other, secular organizations.


Liberty Counsel: Suit filed for flyer “discrimination”

by D. Bennett

The Liberty Counsel reports that the group has filed suit against a school district in Missouri on behalf of a Christian summer sports camp.

The district did not include information from the group in a packet, handed out to students, containing information on community activities.

“The District’s censorship of the camp’s flyers is unconstitutional viewpoint discrimination,” the Counsel writes.

Liberty Counsel: 10 years later, another appeal on artwork censorship case

by D. Bennett

The Liberty Counsel is reporting that a New York court will hear arguments tomorrow in a case that began last century, involving a kindergartner’s art project portraying Jesus.

In 1999, a student identifiied as Antonio had his art project folded in half to hide his drawing of Jesus, actions which, according to the Liberty Counsel, “gave a terrible message to Antonio and other students that they must leave their faith at home.”

The Counsel encourages people to “pray for a final victory in this case and that God is glorified.”

CBN: Religion on the docket

by Ruth Moon

One of the first cases for the reconvened Supreme Court will deal with a religious display in California.

The Senate Finance Committee will examine amendments related to abortion Wednesday.

High school cheerleaders in Georgia are no longer allowed to carry a banner with Bible verses on it at their home games.

The U.S. military needs more chaplains.

An Arizona church is leaving the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America over its policy toward gays, among other things.

BreakPoint: The “Muslim House”

by Ruth Moon

The “Islam on Capitol Hill” event was not just informative — some Muslims involved hope the government will become the “Muslim House” instead of the White House, BreakPoint reports.

Reducing the use of prison to punish crime is a bad response to rising U.S. crime rates, if it means going soft on crime. But there might be good alternatives to prisons.

The ACORN video doesn’t prove much.

New “safe schools” czar Kevin Jennings has a questionable definition of “safe” regarding sex.

The right to die could turn into a duty to die for the elderly, Colson says.

The government is out of line to investigate Humana, Colson says.

Americans are angrier now than they were under President Bush.

Sperm and egg donation affects the whole family, including extended family like grandparents.

Is Roman Polanski a victim because his wife was murdered and he survived the Holocaust?

American Family Association

by R. Burge

4 posts today by the AFA.

First the AFA informs it readership that the result of health care reform will be to make criminals of non participants and to ration health care for senior citizens. They urged concerned citizens to contact their representatives.

Second, the AFA posts a video from the Gamaliel Foundation which features several ministers reading passages from the Bible followed by the refrain, “Hear our prayer Obama” and “Deliver us Obama.”

Another video was also posted where school children are singing a song with the chorus, “Change has come, change has come”, with the author commenting: “Few things are scarier to me.”

Finally Tasha Easterling points out that media coverage of caskets arriving home from the battlefield has essentially disappeared since Pres. Obama has taken office. The author concludes, “Perhaps the very fact that Bush is now out of office and the media no longer feels the need to undermine his efforts is the main reason these casket arrivals are no longer covered.”

CBN: Huckabee 2012 GOP candidate?

by Ruth Moon

Attendees at the annual Values Voter Summit held last weekend in Washington, D.C. protested “unrestrained liberalism in Washington,” including issues like health care and religious displays.

Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee won the straw poll vote for the GOP 2012 presidential candidate at the Values Voters Summit over the weekend.

Two Florida teachers were found not guilty of a contempt of court charge for praying at a school event.

Anti-abortion defenders are still up in arms about President Barack Obama’s proposed health care bill.

Rifqa Bary, a convert to Christianity from Islam, will appear in court as part of ongoing proceedings today.

The Department of Justice wants a Boston judge to dismiss a lawsuit against the Defense of Marriage Act.

A 17-year-old from Great Britain was refused U.S. citizenship because she refused Gardasil, a cervical cancer vaccine. Her waiver request, which she filed for religious reasons, was denied this week.

Rev. Tullian Tchividjian, evangelist Billy Graham’s grandson, will keep his post as pastor at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church (Fla.) after a recent vote.