Focus on the Family

by Jessica Bryan

Focus accused GLSEN of “sexualizing” Santa Claus in a theatrical fundraiser entitled Santa Claus is Coming Out! The group also argued that “Every child needs a mom and a dad” is “more than a campaign slogan,” argued that the case in Alameda, California shows how gay rights activists are attempting to trump parental rights in school curriculum, argued that promotion of “unrestrained sexual license” is a form of governmental control over the masses a la Brave New World, and discussed the vote in the New York Senate to not legalize gay marriage and LGBT efforts through campaign contributions to “redefine marriage.”

The group also wrote about the  3-judge panel of 9th Circuit judges who issued a preliminary ruling about the release of the internal documents of the Prop. 8 proponents, saying that it is likely that they will not be forced to release them.  Focus also criticized the research of a postdoctoral student in Canada who argues that porn does not change men’s perception of women or their relationships with them.

An email from Focus discussed the negative impact of porn on families and communities.

A second email from the group noted that some argue that a UN climate treaty may be a threat to U.S. sovereignty and “have a devastating impact on U.S. families.”

A third email from focus includes an interview with Jim Daly about the Manhattan Declaration.


BreakPoint: Justice system woes

by Ruth Moon

New legislation should provide critical reform to Michigan’s justice system.

Compassionate choices like Huckabee’s decision to commute the sentence of the man who allegedly killed four police officers in Washington will always involve risk.

Television shows will lead to more violence.

If China and India don’t agree to an emissions reduction goal at the Copenhagen Summit, what’s the point of the meeting?

The people responsible for catching child porn creators have difficult jobs.

Sarah Palin’s baby, Trig, is still political.

Family Research Council

by Jessica Bryan

The FRC discussed their “New Study On How Pornography Threatens Marriages, Children, Communities, and Individuals,” compared Obama to a Vulcan (Tuvok not Spock), noted that the chilly political climate in the U.S. about global warming may make it difficult for liberals to push for environmental reform while at the conference in Copenhagen, gave Obama some advice about how to create jobs, and posted a video from Tony Perkins about health care.

A Washington Update email from the FRC praised Obama for his decision to increase the troop presence in Afghanistan, argued against the nomination of Judge Louis Butler to the federal district court, and argued that the proposed health care reform legislation would provide health care to illegal immigrants.

An email from Tony Perkins asked subscribers to contact their senators and tell them to support the “Stupak-Pitts anti-abortion funding amendment.”

A second Washington Update discussed the failure of the vote to legalize same-sex marriage in New York, the negative impact of porn on families and society, funding for stem cell research, argued that the full force of health care reform will not take effect until 2014, and linked to the FRC blog post about the conference in Copenhagen.

A third Washington Update from the group discussed gambling reform and Sen. Bachus’ letter from the FBI about the potential for cheating in online poker, talked about indirect funding for abortion in health care reform, advertised this week’s FRC Radio broadcast Washington Watch Weekly, and linked to Tony Perkins’ video about health care reform.

An email from Tony Perkins asked subscribers to participate in the FRC Family Photo 2009 Contest.

Focus on the Family

by Jessica Bryan

Focus argued against Judge David Hamilton’s appointment to the 7th Circuit, and also noted the new trend of viewing pornography on public transportation.

An email from Focus discussed health care reform and the Stupak-Pitts amendment.

Another email from the group noted that a CNN poll shows that “61 percent of Americans are opposed to government funding of abortion” and “51 percent said they believed payment for abortions should come directly from the women seeking them.”

A third email from Focus argued that despite Sen. Harry Reid’s claim that his health care reform bill did not include funding for abortion, it still “would allow coverage through the “public option” and federal subsidies that would cover abortion on demand.”

A final email from the group included an interview with Dr. Stephen Meyer about evolution and intelligent design.

Focus on the Family

by Jessica Bryan

Focus posted about a commentary by  in the Washington Times ADF President Alan Sears about the Obama Administration’s lack of action against the pornography industry. 

The group also commented on the supposed “pro-life” amendment offered by “pro-life” Rep. Brad Ellsworth (Democrat) with little objections from other Democrats; Focus argued that “you know there’s something amiss when pro-abortion Democrats have zero objections to a “pro-life” amendment.” 

Focus discussed Obama’s troubled appellate court nomination of Judge Hamilton and asked readers to contact their representative and ask him or her to vote “no” on Hamilton’s nomination.  The group also reported some statistics about how American’s view pornography and argued that the fight against pornography is “still a winnable war.”

An email from Focus discussed Tuesday’s election results, arguing that “The off-year elections were ‘an unmistakable rebuke of Democrats.”

Chuck Colson: No porn on campus

by Ruth Moon

The University of Maryland should not allow X-rated movies to be shown on campus.


by Jessica Bryan

The FRC blog contained posts about voting and the upcoming elections, and about a recent survey finding that “76% of Americans disagree with the proposition that ‘viewing hardcore adult pornography on the Internet is morally acceptable’ and 74% disagree that it is ‘harmless entertainment.'”

A Washington Update email discussed the health care reform proposal revealed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, concerns about Kevin Jennings, and commented about how federal stimulus dollars are being used.

A second Washington Update email also discussed Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s health care proposal, an op-ed in the Washington Post about “Ken Cuccinelli, the pro-family candidate for state Attorney General” in Virginia, and advertised the FRC’s Washington Watch Weekly radio show.