Family Research Council

by Jessica Bryan

The FRC discussed their “New Study On How Pornography Threatens Marriages, Children, Communities, and Individuals,” compared Obama to a Vulcan (Tuvok not Spock), noted that the chilly political climate in the U.S. about global warming may make it difficult for liberals to push for environmental reform while at the conference in Copenhagen, gave Obama some advice about how to create jobs, and posted a video from Tony Perkins about health care.

A Washington Update email from the FRC praised Obama for his decision to increase the troop presence in Afghanistan, argued against the nomination of Judge Louis Butler to the federal district court, and argued that the proposed health care reform legislation would provide health care to illegal immigrants.

An email from Tony Perkins asked subscribers to contact their senators and tell them to support the “Stupak-Pitts anti-abortion funding amendment.”

A second Washington Update discussed the failure of the vote to legalize same-sex marriage in New York, the negative impact of porn on families and society, funding for stem cell research, argued that the full force of health care reform will not take effect until 2014, and linked to the FRC blog post about the conference in Copenhagen.

A third Washington Update from the group discussed gambling reform and Sen. Bachus’ letter from the FBI about the potential for cheating in online poker, talked about indirect funding for abortion in health care reform, advertised this week’s FRC Radio broadcast Washington Watch Weekly, and linked to Tony Perkins’ video about health care reform.

An email from Tony Perkins asked subscribers to participate in the FRC Family Photo 2009 Contest.

Sojourners’ Wallis: Obama’s Troop Surge “A Mistake.”

posted by Shane Gleason

For the past several weeks Jim Wallis has published a series of blogs calling for Obama to change to a humanitarian approach to Afghanistan.

Obama’s recent escalation of forces has evoked a sharp response from Wallis:

We were promised fundamental change in the direction of U.S. policy around the world, and this isn’t it. We were promised change we can believe in, and this military escalation is not something many of us as faith leaders can believe in.

Wallis continues:

we will pray for our servicemen and women who will continue to sacrifice for a tragic strategy, for more innocent civilians in Afghanistan who will die from more military escalation, for a president whose deepest instincts we still trust, and for the soul of our own nation.

Sojourners: Wallis’ Afghan Appeal to be Presented to Obama

by Shane Gleason

A few weeks ago Sojourners appealed to Obama to rethink military strategy in Afghanistan and focus instead on humanitarian aid.

Now, a letter signed by a broad group of 187 NGOs has endorsed Wallis’ personal letter to the President which is set to be delivered to White House staff.

Family Research Council

by Jessica Bryan

The FRC’s latest posts included one about visiting a federal prison and how they can be “incubators for terrorists,” discussed the Obama Administration “pushing the homosexual agenda,” linked to some “articles of interest,” criticized Obama to bowing to foreign heads of state like the Emperor of Japan and the king of Saudi Arabia, reminisced about Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, criticized Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision to try terrorists in New York City,  criticized Obama for his long decision-making process with regards to the U.S. Afghanistan policy, discussed public funding for abortion in health care reform and the Stupak-Pitts amendment, and talked about the Senate vote to bring the health care reform bill to the floor for debate.

A Washington Update email from the FRC discussed Sen. Harry Reid’s plans for the Senate health care reform bill, talked about Obama’s nomination of Chai Feldblum to the EEOC, and advertised Mark Rodgers lecture entitled “Culture Upstream of Politics: Why Art and Entertainment Are Essential to Communicating Truth.”

An email from the group talked about the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), arguing that it threatens “traditional values and religious freedom.”  They also argued that:

This law would punish anyone in the workplace who dares oppose homosexual behavior, cross-dressing and other unhealthy behaviors. The liberals intentionally want to define “discrimination” very vaguely so that their allies in the courts and federal and state agencies will have broad latitude to silence traditional moral viewpoints about sexuality.

The email also asked subscribers to donate to the group to help them fight against ENDA.

Family Research Council

by Jessica Bryan

Three days ago, the FRC remarked on the fact that Obama was not in Berlin to celebrate the Fall of the  Berlin Wall.  They went on to discuss some Cold War activities, and concluded by contrasting the administrations of Reagan and Obama, saying ” Today, this administration cannot even protect our own soldiers from murderous rampages by jihadists—in Texas.”

The FRC also discussed health care reform, posted links to “some articles of interest,” interpreted results from a GSS survey to infer that “married adults are more likely to be proud of the type of work they do, compared to single adults,” criticized  MSNBC Host Dylan Ratigan for “attacking”  Cathy Ruse (calling her a liar) for her comments on health care reform and abortion, and criticized Obama for his comments on the Ft. Hood shooting and the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

In a Washington Update email, the FRC discussed the health care bill that passed the House last Saturday, along with the Stupak-Pitts amendment.  The FRC still considers the bill to be a “seriously flawed piece of legislation.”

An FRC Action Alert email from Tony Perkins discussed the possibility of the heath care bill passing in the Senate, and asked subscribers to sign a petition telling the Senate to not allow funding for abortion in the bill.

A second Washington Upadate email accused the Democrats of using the IRS to “scrub” “religion from the public square,” commented on Obama’s statement about the passage of the Stupak-Pitts amendment, blamed “political correctness” for the Ft. Hood shooting, wished the Marines a “Happy 234th Birthday,” and pointed out other supposed problems with the health care reform bill.

Traditional Values Coalition

by Jessica Bryan

TVC sent out an email giving subscribers a “Call to Arms Update” about Obama and health care.