Institute on Religion and Democracy covering other groups’ agendas

by M. Pulliam

The IRD covered NAE’s recent political activity; holding a policy forum in D.C. where critical issues such as immigration, the environment, evangelism, church finances, poverty, nuclear terrorism, sexuality, and marriage were identified. Particular attention was given to NAE’s stance on nuclear disarmament, noting the overlap in themes and timing with President Obama’s receival of the Nobel Peace Prize.

The IRD disapproves of the resolution containing an immigration reform platform that NAE has released.

“Passage of the October 8 resolution continues the NAE on a path away from primarily advocating on behalf of moral issues such as the sanctity of life and defense of marriage, and into a more politicized role aligned with the Evangelical Left.”

Here is another article from IRD on NAE’s immigration policies.

The IRD also reported on policy goals of Chief United Methodist Lobbyist, health-care reform and strong climate change legislation.