American Family Association

by R. Burge

The AFA urges its readers to contact their Senators today as they believe that the current version of health care reform is on the ropes. The current revision that would expand Medicare is not viable to many and the AFA believes this is an opportunity for constituents to make their voices heard.

Jeremy Wiggins informs readers that a New Jersey woman who was comatose after having an abortion procedure has won her lawsuit against the provider for nearly $2 million. Wiggins believes this demonstrates how dangerous abortions truly are.

In a recent interview Pres. Obama gave his first year in office a B+, Elijah Friedeman disagrees giving him a D+ instead.

Friedeman also passes along recent Rasmussen numbers that indicate Pres. Obama’s approval has fallen to an all time low. He is puzzled as to the specific reason for this decline, possibly pointing to health care reform.

Matt Friedeman mentions that a Chinese official in Copenhagen at the environment conference advocated for their one child policy. He writes, “But these radical views on birth control as a means to help the environment aren’t confined to Communist nations. People in America are starting to suggest similar ideas.” He names Sec. Clinton as an example.

Matt Friedeman is perplexed and intrigued by a Christianity Today article which indicates that there is a growing movement of Messianic Muslims. He views the movement with skepticism and hope.

Jerry Richardson believes that Pres. Obama’s current position on Afghanistan is full of ambiguities, scapegoating, and hedging his bets.

Bryan Fischer argues that the Constitution only permits Christians to serve for the federal government, what it does not allow however is for discrimination based on denomination. He writes in summary, “Clearly, then the point of Article VI in the federal Constitution was to allow all Christians of whatever denomination – “whether protestant, or catholic, or presbyterian or episcopalian, &c.” – to serve in the national government. Rather than being an anti-Christian plank, it was an explicitly pro-Christian plank, affirming the different manifestations of Christianity in all its varied hues, and an expression of tolerance and inclusivity for members of all Christian faiths.”


American Family Association

by R. Burge

Matt Friedeman is worried about recent findings from Pew which indicate that significant numbers of Christians believe in Eastern ideas about spirituality including reincarnation and astrology. Friedeman believes that these are antithetical to Christianity.

Friedeman is also angry at the GOP for focusing on the playoff system in college football instead of the larger issues facing our country such as the mounting deficit or health care reform.

Bryan Fischer has come up with a solution to the minaret problem in Switzerland. He writes,

So, let’s tell the Muslim world: we believe in religious liberty, but you don’t. We believe in religious liberty, but we’re not saps. Let’s have a little reciprocity here. One minaret in the West for every steeple in the Muslim world. How about it?

Jeremy Wiggins is concerned by the History Channel’s funding of Howard Zinn’s work entitled “The People Speak.” What sets Zinn apart is his critical view of history and desire to share the most heinous parts of American history to young children, including the lynching of slaves.

American Family Association

by R. Burge

Tasha Easterling reports some recent findings from Pew which finds that many Americans blend different religions together to create their own brand of spirituality. Easterling writes, “Christians have gotten away from the Biblical truth that there is only one way to salvation.  It is more comfortable and popular to believe that there are many ways to God and they are all correct (a la Oprah) than to believe that Jesus is the only way”

Jeremy Wiggins is upset with some recent statements made by Pres. Obama in a bipartisan meeting of Congress when he told the Republicans to quit trying to scare the American public about the current health care reform proposal.

Matt Friedeman believes that the Tiger Woods scandal will not ruin his career and could make him more popular than ever. In another post Friedeman highlights an article that compares Tiger Woods and Barack Obama saying both have been whitewashed to create a positive public image. Woods’ skeletons have been revealed and Obama’s could soon be on the way.

Friedeman is also worried about the latest changes to the health care reform proposal which would eliminate the public option but drastically increase the scope of Medicare. Rep. Anthony Weiner applauds the move as a significant step toward a single payer system.

Bryan Fischer is upset with ‘safe schools’ czar Kevin Jenning’s reading list. Summarizing the list, Fischer writes, “Book after book after book contained stories and anecdotes that weren’t merely X-rated and pornographic, but which featured explicit descriptions of sex acts between pre-schoolers; stories that seemed to promote and recommend child-adult sexual relationships; stories of public masturbation, anal sex in restrooms, affairs between students and teachers, five-year-olds playing sex games, semen flying through the air”

Matt Friedeman passes along a recent report from the Washington Post that concludes the U.S. national debt is larger than the net worth of all Americans combined.

Elijah Friedeman rehashes some of the debate between his columns of those of Bryan Fischer by noting that leading Muslims have argued that Nadal Hasan must repent for his actions because they were specifically in violation of the Quran, an idea that is contradictory to Fischer’s belief that Islam is a violent religion.

Chuck Norris writes a lengthy article in response to Sen. Obama’s trip to Copehagen, which he believes to be a waste of time. He cites the hacked emails of climate scientists as well as the fact that no treaty has been completed before the trip for Pres. Obama to sign when he arrives.  Janet Porter is also upset with Al Gore and some of the claims he is making. She believes Gore to be a hypocrite because the Tennessee EPA cites him as the number one polluter in the state because of a tin mine on his property.

Elijah Friedeman pokes fun at Jeremy Olson who threw a tomato at Sarah Palin during her book tour. His throw was off however and actually hit a policemen providing security. Olson was charged with assaulting a police officer.

E. Friedeman also notes that the Gallup tracking poll has Pres. Obama’s approval at 47%, a new low for this administration. Spokesman Robert Gibbs questioned the reliability of the poll.

The Roman Catholic church in Scotland has declared that the hokey pokey is officially off limits to its parishioners as it was originally called ‘the hocus pocus’.

Matt Friedeman notes a recent article Christianity Today that addresses the question of what the church should do with sex offenders. Friedeman writes, “Whatever churches decide, there must be a balance between grace and accountability.”

Friedeman is also upset that Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid compared those opposed to health care reform to those who opposed the abolition of slavery. He writes, “You would think Democrats would get tired of using the same old “Republicans are racist” put down.”

Friedeman also writes that he agrees with the Wall Street Journal when it says that Pres. Obama should give his Nobel Peace Prize to Shirin Ebadi who had her medal confiscated by the Iranian government.

E. Friedeman notes the hypocrisy of the Copenhagen Climate Summit as it will create tremendous amounts of greenhouse gases through the use of planes and limos to get dignitaries to the conference.

E. Friedeman also reports that the TEA party actually beats the GOP in a 3 way generic ballot for 2012. He writes, “The scariest thing about this poll for a Republican loyalist is the fact that close to the same number of Republicans say that they would vote for a TEA party candidate over a Republican candidate.”

Jeremy Wiggins also embeds a video of an undercover investigation in to Planned Parenthood that shows them committing numerous violations of state and federal law.

American Family Association

by R. Burge

Matt Friedeman writes about a recent study conducted on the pornography viewing habits of males. The researchers encountered a problem when they tried to find men who had not viewed pornography. Their entire sample had watched pornography at one point and many partook on a daily basis. Friedeman writes, “This is simply outrageous, but in our sex-saturated sulture, not entirely surprising.”

In the “Prophecy Matters” segment the AFA argues that the American public is in favor of supporting Israel, while the government does not. The author writes, “Sadly, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton show their contempt for the Scriptures by squeezing Israel. This painful reality also shows me that the biblical prophecies that look toward a day in the final period of world history when the international community will get fed-up with Israel…are further proof that the Bible is all true.”

Bryan Fischer takes exception with a recent article made by Warren Cole Smith which advocates a conscientious objector status in the war on Christmas. Fischer believes that this is ceding the battle to secular fundamentalists.

Bryan Fischer also objects to the way that the mainstream media handled a recent incident on a flight from Atlanta to Houston. Apparently there were a dozen Muslim men on the plane who were causing a disturbance with their electronic devices. One man refused to hang up his cell phone call even when prompted by the flight attendants and pilot. The AP failed to report the ethnicity of the men in question. Fischer writes, “It is only a matter of time before political correctness (note the airbrushing of the incident in the mainstream media above) kills another planeload of passengers as well as innocents living and working on the ground.”

The AFA notes that Pres. Obama used the phrase Christmas tree twice as well as ending his remarks by wishing the audience Merry Christmas.

Fischer also notes that 26 Asian students were beaten by their white and black counterparts. This was not referred to by police or the media as a hate crime, when black on white or the white on black incidents would undoubtedly be treated as such. Fischer writes,

This incident shows the silliness and the injustice of “hate crimes” laws. If the same criminal activity had been carried out by whites on blacks, the NAACP, the Rev. Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would already be in full howl, press conferences would be held, bullhorns brandished, and all we’ be hearing about is how racist America is, our sad legacy of slavery and how much we need special punishments for race-based crimes to purge the soul of the nation.

The AFA notes the humor in a recent Al Gore speech on global warming being canceled because of likelihood of freezing rain. Politico refers to this as the Gore Effect.

Fischer also notes that sex changes might become the next battleground in equal rights.

Concerned Women for America

by R. Burge

The CWA sent out an email correspondence today that highlights their recent political activism on Capitol Hill.  There was a pro-abortion rally held yesterday which was organized by Planned Parenthood, the Feminist Majority, Womens Campaign Forum and NARAL. Their primary concern was the potential inclusion of the Stupak amendment in the health care reform package working its way through the Senate. CWA was there to offer an opposing voice on abortion, believing that the Stupak amendment will limit the number of abortions. They embed a video showing the tactics used by the pro abortion groups during the rally.

Wendy Wright also passes on her recent experiences in Honduras where she served as an independent election observer. Wright found the people to be committed to democracy even though they face daily obstacles.

The CWA also informs its readers of the “Naughty or Nice” list compiled by the Liberty Council.

Christian Solidarity International has just published a report that indicates many Coptic Christians in Egypt have been abducted and forced to convert to Islam. The CWA encourages readers to pray and get involved.

American Family Association

by R. Burge

The back and forth between AFA bloggers Elijah Friedeman and Bryan Fischer continues today over the issue of Muslims in the military. While Fischer contends that Islam is essentially a violent religion that is at odds with American ideals, Friedeman takes a softer stance. He writes, “When you look at the main reasons Muslims come to Christ, you see that three of the reasons center around love, either the love of God or the love that Christians have, and two of the reasons center around God’s power. Not surprisingly, antagonistic Christians are not on the list.”

In a paragraph seemingly aimed at Fischer, Friedeman states, “Instead of constantly proclaiming that Islam is evil because you heard someone quote several verses from the Koran that promoted killing, why don’t you develop a relationship with a Muslim? Let them see how you’re different from others. Let them see your love and the love of your God. The research tells us if you do this, you have a much better chance of making a difference in the lives of Muslims than if you had merely caustically derided their faith.”

Another post mentions the recent debate over breast cancer screening. A new finding by a governmental panel indicates that annual screenings should begin at 50, instead of the current standard of 40.  The AFA sees this an initial foray in to rationing care that will be a hallmark of the Obama administration’s health care reform package.

American Family Association

by R. Burge

As part of their annual boycott the AFA is asking readers to not do business at Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic because of their refusal to use the word Christmas in their advertising. In another post the AFA passes along their “Naughty or Nice” list of online retailers who use Christmas in their advertising.

Elijah Friedeman mentions Pres. Obama’s recent trip to Japan, specifically the bow that Obama gave to Japanese leader Emperor Akihito.  Friedeman writes, “It may be proper to bow to the emperor if you are a Japanese citizen, but it is completely unacceptable for the president of the United States to bow”

The AFA also criticizes a recent press release from the Obama administration touting the successes of the stimulus package. Many of the examples of jobs saved are highly questionable and potentially misleading.

The AFA’s Bryan Fischer continues to write about the issue of Muslims in the military. Taking a somewhat different approach Fischer notes that in many Muslim circles there is an internal debate about whether Muslims should serve in the U.S. military. Fischer concludes, “Perhaps the kindest thing a Christian nation can do for Muslims is to protect them from this terrible moral dilemma by excusing them altogether from service in the U.S. military.”

In an analysis by Jerry Richardson he contends that the biggest flaw or liberal thought is that it does not face reality.  Instead the author believes that liberals are consistently idealists and cannot face the harsh world in which Americans live. The example that Richardson uses is the recent Ft. Hood tragedy in which Pres. Obama is unwilling to face the horrors of jihad. He concludes, “It is dangerous that we have a President who wishes to avoid reality. It is catastrophic that we have a President who lacks the moral clarity to call out the evil of terrorism.”

Finally, the AFA embeds a video highlight the schisms occurring in the Catholic Church.