American Family Association

by R. Burge

The AFA asks its readers to contact the Nickelodeon network about their new show ‘Glenn Martin, DDS’ which features frank discussion of sexuality and pornography, saying it is not acceptable for this kind of program be targeted at children.

The AFA asks ‘Will the Unborn Have Public Option?’ by embedding a video. They also embed a video that is critical of Planned Parenthood.

They also relay the results from the latest Rasmussen poll which shows that the American public believes the media is out of touch and generally distrust the media.

Another post highlights the ineffectiveness of the Cash for Clunkers program, saying that it costs over $24,00o per car.



American Family Association

by R. Burge

The AFA tells it readership that PepsiCo promotes homosexuality in its company as well as others by placing advertisements in gay magazines and holding corporate training sessions on how to effectively market to the homosexual community. They urge readers to boycott Pepsi and all those affiliated.

They also highlight the success of the One Million Moms Campaign to have offensive programming remove from the airwaves. Several large advertisers have pulled support from especially offensive television shows.

In another post the AFA says that environmentalists scare them, saying that their continued promotion of polar bear habitat is misguided because the number of polar bears in the wild is actually increasing.

They also describe the collegiate experience of Kimberly Legendre who had to take a class on civil engagement where she was required to work on a campaign to make Florida Gulf Cost University a smoke free campus.  The AFA argues that this amounts to indoctrination and should be removed from the course requirements.

Another post describes a back and forth email between the AFA and Sen. Roland Burris in which Burris extols the Democrats campaign for transparency while the AFA points out several times when they goal has been overlooked by Democrats.

The AFA also continues to inform its readership about the disagreement between the White House and Fox News, this time the Obama administration has been working to have Fox News removed from the pool of reporters who describe the President’s every move.

Finally, the AFA highlights some recent hi-jinks by the University of Minnesota’s mascot when it mocked the prayer of a football player from Penn State.

American Family Association

by R. Burge

The AFA urges individuals to contact their representatives and tell them to vote against hate crime legislation, saying it will silence resistance to gay marriage.

In another post the AFA advises its members to contact Sun Products, asking them to pull their advertisement from the show ‘Cougar Town’ which they call ‘depraved’ and ‘anything but funny.’

Next, the AFA indicates that the faith of Oprah Winfrey will eventually make a person feel empty, while belief in Jesus Christ will always satisfy believers.

A post by W. Michael Kilgore points out the hypocrisy of President Obama’s life.  Kilgore describes Obama’s position on global warming by contrasting it with his carbon emitting trip to Copenhagen, his support of the NEA, while sending his two children to private school, and finally contrasts the Obama’s embracing of ‘pulling oneself up’ with their current belief that capitalism is flawed.

Elijah Friedeman highlights a recent interview by Nancy Pelosi on ‘The Charlie Rose Show.’ He points out the contradiction in two statements by the Speaker. One is that she could possibly support a Value Added Tax,  the other is that there will be no tax increase on the middle class. Friedeman believes that both of these statements cannot be true.

Finally Jerry Richardson evaluates Pres. Obama’s strategy in Afghanistan. Richardson concludes that it will likely be a sort of triangulation, a point halfway between a complete withdrawal and a huge additional force deployment to Afghanistan.

Focus on the Family

by Jessica Bryan

Focus on the Family reported that “Eighty-three percent of U.S. voters…want legislation to be posted online in final form and available for everyone to read before Congress votes on it,” argued that media stories about gay penguins and gay vultures are evidence of the “pro-gay media bias,” and discussed the new Gallup poll showing that 53% (up from 48% last year) of Americans believe that “government should promote traditional values.”

An email from the group contains an article about the victory for abstinence education today in the Senate Finance Committee.