American Family Association

by R. Burge

A post today by the AFA includes a quote from President Obama where he indicated that Democrats are not beholden to their political party while Republicans “Do what they’re told.”  The AFA responds with: “Has Obama been living under a rock for the past couple months? What does he think the whole TEA party movement was? The driving force behind the TEA parties was Republicans who were bucking the leadership of the GOP.”

The AFA also directs it readership to a new ad featuring celebrities in favor of health care reform.

Another post quotes White House Communications Director Anita Dunn in reference to the Obama campaign controlling the media during the general election.

The AFA reports the low approval rating for Speaker of the House Pelosi, polling at just 34% favorable by Californians.

Finally, the AFA reports a back and forth between ABC News’ Jake Tapper and White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs about the media bias displayed by Fox News.


American Family Association

by R. Burge

4 posts today by the AFA.

First the AFA informs it readership that the result of health care reform will be to make criminals of non participants and to ration health care for senior citizens. They urged concerned citizens to contact their representatives.

Second, the AFA posts a video from the Gamaliel Foundation which features several ministers reading passages from the Bible followed by the refrain, “Hear our prayer Obama” and “Deliver us Obama.”

Another video was also posted where school children are singing a song with the chorus, “Change has come, change has come”, with the author commenting: “Few things are scarier to me.”

Finally Tasha Easterling points out that media coverage of caskets arriving home from the battlefield has essentially disappeared since Pres. Obama has taken office. The author concludes, “Perhaps the very fact that Bush is now out of office and the media no longer feels the need to undermine his efforts is the main reason these casket arrivals are no longer covered.”

American Family Association

by R. Burge

3 posts today by the AFA.

First, they encourage their readership to not support the new ABC “The Modern Family” saying that it promotes lifestyles that are not Biblical.

Second, the AFA is informing readers that it is selling buttons that say “God’s Gift: Merry Christmas” as a way to respond to the numbers of retailers who have chose to not put the word Christmas in any of their holiday advertising.

Finally Tasha Easterling reports comments made by Vice President Biden at a Governor’s conference where he notes that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has been a tremendous success.

American Family Association

by R. Burge

The AFA has 8 post today.

In a video post by Marcia Segelstein highlights what she calls media bias, highlighting the fact that most Americans know much more about Anita Hill, the woman who accused Justice Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment, than Condoleezza Rice former Secretary of State.

In a second post Elijah Friedeman notes the results of the Value Voters Summit and the victory by Fmr. Gov. Mike Huckabee in the straw poll. Friedeman comments, “Quite frankly I’m not much a big fan of any of the frontrunners. It will be interesting to see who starts to garner support and what new faces show up over the next few years.”

Elijah Friedeman points out in a different article the alleged hypocrisy of Pres. Jimmy Carter. In a recent interview Carter called the attacks on Pres. Obama ‘racist’. The author points out however that Carter had actually supported segregationist policies stating: “going so far as requesting that the State Board of Education move the location of a black school because it was “too close” to the White school.”

A quick note reports the results of a Gallup poll indicating that a majority of Americans think that the government is doing too much.

Another short blurb nominates a 54 year old man for ‘Hero of the Week’.  The man stopped a bank robbery in progress.

Finally, in an article entitled “Obama rejects the dictionary definition of ‘tax'” Frideman points out that Pres. Obama bristled at an attempt by George Stephanopoulos when he called the individual mandate an additional tax on Americans.