Focus on the Family

by Jessica Bryan

Focus announced that the number of signers to the Manhattan Declaration has reached 265,000, accused GLSEN for their “pornographic” book list for young children, noted that the Supreme Court has agreed to hear the freedom of association case of Christian Legal Society v. Martinez, and discussed the suit Michael Newdow is bringing against Chief Justice Roberts for adding “so help me God” to the end of President Obama’s oath of office.

An email from Focus talked about the new conservative women’s PAC called The Kitchen Cabinet.

A second email from the group discussed Stupak’s contention that a pro-life amendment is needed in heath care reform legislation.

A third email from the group discussed the FBI letter about internet gambling and the potential for fraud and addiction, arguing that overturning the UIGEA ban would have negative consequences.


American Family Association

by R. Burge

The AFA bemoans the fact that CBS has perverted ‘Frosty the Snowman’ by showing an advertisement for the upcoming special with narration by How I Met Your Mother’s Neal Patrick Harris. Harris dialogue is raunchy, including statements like: “I have been with a lot of women. Blondes. Brunettes. Redheads. Big boobs. Small boobs. Medium boobs. Some boobs that were big but kind of in a bad way.” The AFA asks its readers to contact CBS and voice their disapproval. This same advertisement is lamented by Bryan Fischer.

The AFA continues its crusade to keep Christ in Christmas by citing findings in a recent Rasmussen poll indicating that almost three quarters of Americans prefer Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays. They ask readers to join their Facebook page and voice their support.

Matt Friedeman reminds readers that there are thousands of Christians in prison across the world for professing their faith in Jesus. He asks that Christians pray for these persecuted believers.

Tasha Easterling writes about a Virginia WWII veteran who has been forced by the homeowners association to remove a flagpole that he has on his property. He is appealing the decision and Easterling believes that the HOA should cut him some slack.

Matt Friedeman writes about an interesting debate going on in some churches over whether to have children exit the service for some sort of ‘Children’s Worship’ or allow them to stay in the larger service even when they become distractions.

Some Hollywood conservatives are demanding that Al Gore’s Oscar be taken from him in light of recent emails being made public between climate scientists according to Tasha Easterling.

Matt Friedeman again mentions the Manhattan Declaration and questions when Christians should engage in civil disobedience. He writes, “How many people would still sign up if the declaration contained a list of fifty stories about people who were civilly disobedient, and consequently paid the price. That would be an interesting and disturbing list.”

Friedeman also quotes a piece by Alex Knepper which advocates that voters judge politicians based on their religion as it is an integral piece of their worldview.

Matt Friedeman also makes light of the bad timing of Golf magazine in having Tiger Woods and Pres. Obama on the cover of their latest issue.

Center for Moral Clarity

by R. Burge

The CMC sent out an email today with a headline about the pitfalls of health care reform. They write, “We are concerned with all aspects of the legislation, but our overriding concern is whether it would permit or require federal funding of abortion, or have the government authorize benefit plans that cover abortion, or both.” Additionally the CMC criticizes the Obama administration’s stance on stem cells, saying that scientific research should not destroy life.

The CMC is also concerned with the recent activity in Washington D.C. over the issue of gay marriage. 11 of 13 council members voted in favor of recognizing gay marriage in the District. It still needs to be approved by the Congress. The CMC believes that this recent activity is in violation of DOMA. They however laud the recent decision made in New York state to vote down a proposal that would allow for gay marriage.

The CMC is also in favor of the Fair Sentencing Act of 2009, which would bring the sentences for crack and powder cocaine into parity, while currently those who are convicted of dealing crack are subject to much harsher penalties.

The CMC endorses the Manhattan Declaration, saying that it “majors in the majors,” but wishes however that it included statements about reducing poverty.

Finally, the CMC is in support of the recent Supreme Court decision which did not allow the state of New York to use eminent domain powers to expand Columbia University.

ESA: Sign Manhattan Declaration

by Ruth Moon
In an e-mail update, Ron Sider urges readers to sign the Manhattan Declaration. He says:

For decades I have sought to promote what the Manhattan Declaration calls a “truly consistent ethic of love and life for all humans in all circumstances.” I agree strongly with the Declaration, that the sanctity of human life, the historical definition of marriage, and robust religious freedom are under serious threat at this point in our history. The Declaration does NOT say that these are the most important moral issues of our time. It only says that these are crucial moral issues.

ESA also advocated for “Buy Nothing Day,” or buying nothing on “Black Friday,” the day after Thanksgiving.
Regardless of what causes the hype about climate change, evangelicals are obligated to be informed about the issue and to act.
Many workers each year are systematically underpaid, a new study finds.

A recent study (Broken Laws, Unprotected Workers) found that low-wage workers in New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles had an average of $51 stolen from their weekly earnings. The illegal underpayment or non-payment of workers’ wages affects millions of workers each year, forcing many to choose between rent and food.

Focus on the Family

by Jessica Bryan

Focus discussed reforming the process of confirming judicial nominees by eliminating the filibuster, and “misleading statistics” about hate crimes.

In an email, Focus reported that “more than 200,000 people have signed the document [Manhattan Declaration] that outlines Christian teaching on abortion, marriage and rights of conscience.”

In a second email, the group noted that the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) that would make online gambling illegal will not take effect for another 6 months, which, Focus argues, will give other lawmakers time to overturn it.

BreakPoint: Manhattan … and everything else

by Ruth Moon

The Manhattan Declaration is important.

The Chinese may be more concerned about the deficit created by the new health care bill than Americans are.

Abortions have slowed in the last two decades.

Climate change scientists are now in the same camp as Bernie Madoff and Kenneth Lay.

A witness scheduled to speak before Congress in the One Child policy hearing was detained by authorities in Beijing.

Al Mohler: Societal decisions

by Ruth Moon

Mohler signed The Manhattan Declaration because, he says, Christians “are facing an inevitable and culture-determining decision on the three issues centrally identified in this statement.”

Mental illness – one reason given for the Fort Hood shootings –  should not be an excuse for immorality.