ACLJ: Nuclear Iran must be met with “crippling sanctions”

by D. Bennett

The American Center for Law and Justice posts that Iran, having recently announced that it has moved closer to enriching uranium to high levels, should be the object of “immediate and crippling” sanctions from the global community.

“Some nations would like to continue negotiating with Iran. But we believe the time for talking is over,” the ACLJ writes. “The world community has been urging Iran to halt its nuclear development program for some time now. That simply hasn’t worked.”


ERLC and Richard Land

by Jessica Bryan

The ERLC discussed abortion in health care reform, reported on Richard Land’s call for sanctions on Iran, interpreted some of the results of the elections from last Tuesday, provided a copy of the letter Land sent to  Sen. John Boehner opposing health care reform, and discussed the ERLC’s Psalm 139 Project and “crisis pregnancy.”

On his show, Richard Land discussed last week’s elections, interviewed Fred Thompson, and talked about health care reform and the abortion ban amendment.

ERLC and Richard Land: Sanction Iran

by Jessica Bryan

Richard Land, along with Jewish leaders and other evangelical leaders, called for sanctions against Iran.

ERLC and Richard Land

by Jessica Bryan

The ERLC discussed the passage of hate crimes legislation in Congress, saying that “liberals in Congress made further progress in their effort to normalize homosexual behavior in the United States.”

In their latest Life Digest post, the group discussed the progress of the 40 Days for Life campaign, the proposed plan to fine pregnancy centers in Baltimore who do not post signs listing services they do not provide, and the possibility of womb transplants being available in 2 years.

Richard Land discussed communism and same sex marriage.  He also talked about hate crimes and compared Afghanistan to Vietnam (saying one is not like the other).  Finally, Land discussed Iran and “intimidation tactics used against those who disagree with the White House.”

American Family Association

by R. Burge

Tasha Easterling writes about the connection between Iran an Afghanistan today, indicating that Iran is supplying missiles to Taliban fighters.

Also, Easterling highlights the Mojave Desert Cross case that is being argued before the Supreme Court this week. Indicating that the justices could see this incident as an issue of land transfer or an issue of the Establishment Clause.

Finally, David B. Smith returns to the issue of health care reform, pointing out the widespread waste and abuse in the current system of Medicare and theorizing that it will only become worse under the current health care reform proposal.

ERLC and Richard Land

 by Jessica Bryan

Richard Land called the Iranian leader “the potential Hitler of the 21st century.”

The ERLC reported on the September 25 prayer gathering of Muslims on Capitol Hill and on the threat of a nuclear Iran.

ERLC: Stop the Hate (Crime Legislation…)

by Jessica Bryan

The ERLC is urging citizens to contact their senators and tell them to not support new hate crime legislation, alleging that:

The years-long battle over hate crimes legislation is entering its most critical hour. Both the House and Senate have passed such bills, which threaten to criminalize thought against homosexuality, while granting homosexual victims of violent crimes a preferred place under the law. Now congressional liberals, armed with the homosexual lobby, are hoping to prevail with final negotiations and votes necessary to send the dangerous measure to the White House for a signing victory…

No one should engage in an act of violence against someone because of that person’s sexual orientation, but neither should anyone be prosecuted because of their religious beliefs about homosexuality. Yet that is what is at stake under a federal hate crimes law. The freedom for pastors and Sunday School teachers to preach and teach the biblical truth about homosexuality hangs in the balance.

The group’s latest Life Digest  post includes short discussions with the following titles: Woman chooses life for child wrongly implanted, Black pro-lifers decry endorsement of health-care plan, Ultrasound pioneer dies, and Dominican Republic protects unborn in constitution.

A third postfrom the ERLC encourages President Obama to take action against Iran’s aggression.