ESA: Debt forgiveness and health care

by Ruth Moon
Ron Sider of Evangelicals for Social Action called for ESA e-mail subscribers to join in a “national call-in” last week to persuade Congress to move quickly to pass health care legislation.
ESA leadership is also signing a petition to President Obama to forgive Haiti’s debt, and is encouraging others to do the same.

BreakPoint: Haiti in the headlines

by Ruth Moon

Give money to help Haiti.

Pat Robertson’s Haiti comments were terribly insensitive, but the 700 Club is helping raise funds for relief efforts.

Celebrating marriages is important for society to function.

Sex in movies actually doesn’t boost ratings, an APA report finds.

Why are dolphins considered for non-human person status, while human fetuses are not?

Being pro-choice and anti-death penalty is nonsensical.

Al Mohler: God and Haiti

by Ruth Moon

God judges all nations but does not hate Haiti; the earthquake points to humankind’s need for redemption.

ACLJ: Haiti update

by D. Bennett

Speaking for the American Center for Law and Justice, chief counsel Jay Sekulow blogged that the ACLJ will be partnering with three organizations to provide financial assistance for those affected by the devastating earthquake in Haiti.

In addition to requesting donations to these groups, Sekulow encouraged prayer for the region.

“I want to encourage you to pray for Haiti – to pray for the country and the earthquake victims – to pray for the rescue and recovery efforts underway there now,” Sekulow wrote.