Focus on the Family

by Jessica Bryan

Focus accused GLSEN of “sexualizing” Santa Claus in a theatrical fundraiser entitled Santa Claus is Coming Out! The group also argued that “Every child needs a mom and a dad” is “more than a campaign slogan,” argued that the case in Alameda, California shows how gay rights activists are attempting to trump parental rights in school curriculum, argued that promotion of “unrestrained sexual license” is a form of governmental control over the masses a la Brave New World, and discussed the vote in the New York Senate to not legalize gay marriage and LGBT efforts through campaign contributions to “redefine marriage.”

The group also wrote about the  3-judge panel of 9th Circuit judges who issued a preliminary ruling about the release of the internal documents of the Prop. 8 proponents, saying that it is likely that they will not be forced to release them.  Focus also criticized the research of a postdoctoral student in Canada who argues that porn does not change men’s perception of women or their relationships with them.

An email from Focus discussed the negative impact of porn on families and communities.

A second email from the group noted that some argue that a UN climate treaty may be a threat to U.S. sovereignty and “have a devastating impact on U.S. families.”

A third email from focus includes an interview with Jim Daly about the Manhattan Declaration.


Focus on the Family

by Jessica Bryan

Focus announced that the number of signers to the Manhattan Declaration has reached 265,000, accused GLSEN for their “pornographic” book list for young children, noted that the Supreme Court has agreed to hear the freedom of association case of Christian Legal Society v. Martinez, and discussed the suit Michael Newdow is bringing against Chief Justice Roberts for adding “so help me God” to the end of President Obama’s oath of office.

An email from Focus talked about the new conservative women’s PAC called The Kitchen Cabinet.

A second email from the group discussed Stupak’s contention that a pro-life amendment is needed in heath care reform legislation.

A third email from the group discussed the FBI letter about internet gambling and the potential for fraud and addiction, arguing that overturning the UIGEA ban would have negative consequences.