American Family Association

by R. Burge

The back and forth between AFA bloggers Elijah Friedeman and Bryan Fischer continues today over the issue of Muslims in the military. While Fischer contends that Islam is essentially a violent religion that is at odds with American ideals, Friedeman takes a softer stance. He writes, “When you look at the main reasons Muslims come to Christ, you see that three of the reasons center around love, either the love of God or the love that Christians have, and two of the reasons center around God’s power. Not surprisingly, antagonistic Christians are not on the list.”

In a paragraph seemingly aimed at Fischer, Friedeman states, “Instead of constantly proclaiming that Islam is evil because you heard someone quote several verses from the Koran that promoted killing, why don’t you develop a relationship with a Muslim? Let them see how you’re different from others. Let them see your love and the love of your God. The research tells us if you do this, you have a much better chance of making a difference in the lives of Muslims than if you had merely caustically derided their faith.”

Another post mentions the recent debate over breast cancer screening. A new finding by a governmental panel indicates that annual screenings should begin at 50, instead of the current standard of 40.  The AFA sees this an initial foray in to rationing care that will be a hallmark of the Obama administration’s health care reform package.

American Family Association

by R. Burge

The AFA takes on two corporations this week who are in opposition to the values of the organization. The Gap clothing brand has refused to use the word Christmas in it’s holiday advertising and instead tells it’s costumers to celebrate however they want.  Additionally the AFA finds fault with a recent ad by Reebok which prominently features a woman’s behind.

Another post notes that the air traffic control system in the completely out of date and could potentially lead to fatalities.  They conclude, “And our government wants to take over health care?”

The AFA also notes the rising level of national debt occurring the United States. Elijah Friedeman writes, “To be fair, this has been happening for years and years under Republican presidents. Under Obama, though, the problem has been compounded.”

Friedeman also links to a piece from Heritage entitled 100 Things That Are Blamed on Global Warming. He writes, “In this age of entitlement and lack of responsibility, we love to blame outside forces for any problems we have. Apparently, global warming fits perfectly into this not-my-fault world we live in.”

Bryan Fischer writes about the celebration of Christmas today. He contends that the War Against Christmas began with the Nazis because they did not want to celebrate the birth of Jesus because of he was a Jew.  Fischer concludes, “And I will conclude, ‘I celebrate Christmas because I’m no anti-Semitic racist bigot. How about you?'”

In an action alert the AFA tells its readership to contact their United States Senator about the upcoming debate on health care reform. Their correspondence should express their resistance to the current health care reform package as well as their support for the Stupak amendment.

As a complement to their Naughty or Nice List of Online Retailers, the AFA links to it’s Naughty or Nice List of Brick and Mortar stores. Naughty stores are ones that do not recognize Christmas in their advertising or in store signage.

Additionally, the AFA highlights the success of the Send a Pink Slip to Congress campaign which has sent 5 million pink slips to Capital Hill. Several Republican members of Congress  held a press conference in front of a sea of these pink slips.

Finally, a post by Chuck Norris gives thanks to those who serve in the military especially those who were a part of the Ft. Hood massacre and who ran in to danger to help their colleagues.


American Family Association

by R. Burge

As part of their annual boycott the AFA is asking readers to not do business at Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic because of their refusal to use the word Christmas in their advertising. In another post the AFA passes along their “Naughty or Nice” list of online retailers who use Christmas in their advertising.

Elijah Friedeman mentions Pres. Obama’s recent trip to Japan, specifically the bow that Obama gave to Japanese leader Emperor Akihito.  Friedeman writes, “It may be proper to bow to the emperor if you are a Japanese citizen, but it is completely unacceptable for the president of the United States to bow”

The AFA also criticizes a recent press release from the Obama administration touting the successes of the stimulus package. Many of the examples of jobs saved are highly questionable and potentially misleading.

The AFA’s Bryan Fischer continues to write about the issue of Muslims in the military. Taking a somewhat different approach Fischer notes that in many Muslim circles there is an internal debate about whether Muslims should serve in the U.S. military. Fischer concludes, “Perhaps the kindest thing a Christian nation can do for Muslims is to protect them from this terrible moral dilemma by excusing them altogether from service in the U.S. military.”

In an analysis by Jerry Richardson he contends that the biggest flaw or liberal thought is that it does not face reality.  Instead the author believes that liberals are consistently idealists and cannot face the harsh world in which Americans live. The example that Richardson uses is the recent Ft. Hood tragedy in which Pres. Obama is unwilling to face the horrors of jihad. He concludes, “It is dangerous that we have a President who wishes to avoid reality. It is catastrophic that we have a President who lacks the moral clarity to call out the evil of terrorism.”

Finally, the AFA embeds a video highlight the schisms occurring in the Catholic Church.


Richard Land

by Jessica Bryan

On Richard Land Live, Land discussed ” Ft. Hood shooting and the 9/11 trials moving to NY,” Obama’s delay on making a decision about the war in Afghanistan,  and the recently passed health care bill and abortion.

Family Research Council

by Jessica Bryan

Three days ago, the FRC remarked on the fact that Obama was not in Berlin to celebrate the Fall of the  Berlin Wall.  They went on to discuss some Cold War activities, and concluded by contrasting the administrations of Reagan and Obama, saying ” Today, this administration cannot even protect our own soldiers from murderous rampages by jihadists—in Texas.”

The FRC also discussed health care reform, posted links to “some articles of interest,” interpreted results from a GSS survey to infer that “married adults are more likely to be proud of the type of work they do, compared to single adults,” criticized  MSNBC Host Dylan Ratigan for “attacking”  Cathy Ruse (calling her a liar) for her comments on health care reform and abortion, and criticized Obama for his comments on the Ft. Hood shooting and the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

In a Washington Update email, the FRC discussed the health care bill that passed the House last Saturday, along with the Stupak-Pitts amendment.  The FRC still considers the bill to be a “seriously flawed piece of legislation.”

An FRC Action Alert email from Tony Perkins discussed the possibility of the heath care bill passing in the Senate, and asked subscribers to sign a petition telling the Senate to not allow funding for abortion in the bill.

A second Washington Upadate email accused the Democrats of using the IRS to “scrub” “religion from the public square,” commented on Obama’s statement about the passage of the Stupak-Pitts amendment, blamed “political correctness” for the Ft. Hood shooting, wished the Marines a “Happy 234th Birthday,” and pointed out other supposed problems with the health care reform bill.

American Family Association

by R. Burge

In a long post today by Chuck Norris he details the attack on Ft. Hood, showing the missed clues left by Hasan before the attack including his contact with radical clerics. He calls the President’s initial response distasteful as well as condemning the Democrat party. He writes, “If Washington worked with just one-tenth the passion in corralling the enemies of the U.S. as they do cramming the ramrod of a Obama-Pelosi health-care system down our throats and pocketbooks, we’d reduce military acts of terrorism down to zero, inside and outside our borders.”

Another post asks readers to not take their freedom for granted. The AFA also posts a video commemorating Veteran’s Day.

The AFA also is promoting a campaign that will vote out all members of Congress who voted for the current health care reform package.  This project is called “Send Congress a Pink Slip.”

The AFA is also in opposition to the AFA saying that they do not represent the majority of physicians. Recent resolutions made by the organization including asking for the repeal of  Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and advocating for equal rights for homosexual couples.

The AFA also does a thorough analysis of the differences between Christianity and Islam, concluding that Islam is a religion of violence while Christianity is not. They write, “In conclusion, we can see that the Bible and the Qur’an are not the same and do not have compatible teachings.”

American Family Association

by R. Burge

A contradictory post by the AFA concerning Muslims serving the military. Last Friday the AFA argued that the U.S. military should no longer allow Muslims to openly serve. Today, they take a more measured response. Elijah Friedeman argues that the Ft. Hood shooter was not in the mainstream of Islam and his actions should not change the way Christians should view the entire Muslim religion. The post concludes, “Hasan should be prosecuted for his actions; but those who are innocent should not be charged with acts that they would never dream of doing. Instead, we should thank them for allowing us to sleep securely in our beds because of their brave actions.”

Another post questions the individual mandate that was a facet of health care reform that passed the House on Saturday. It embeds a video of Rep. Peter Roskam (R-IL) make the case on the floor of the House. Another embedded video was titled, “Why Should I Worry About Health Care Bill?.” There was a third post on the issue of individual mandate calling the current plan “Mussolini Care.”

A quick note also mentions the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The post also highlights Pres. Obama declining an invitation to attend the ceremony.