ADF: Montana law allows euthanasia

by D. Bennett

The Alliance Defense Fund reports that the Montana Supreme Court has ruled that “nothing in state law prevents patients from seeking physician-assisted suicide.”

The ruling paves the way for Montana to be the third state to allow doctor-assisted suicide for the terminally ill, following Oregon and Washington.

ERLC and Richard Land

by Jessica Bryan

This week, the ERLC noted that the Senate was soon to vote on the Nelson-Hatch amendment that would restrict federal funding for abortion in health care reform, and urged readers to contact their senators to tell them to vote for the amendment.  The same message is contained in an Action Alert email from the group.

The group also discussed approval of the first embryonic stem cells for use in federally funded experiments, and the possibility of a mandate in health care reform to provide coverage of abortion.

In the latest Life Digest post, the ERLC commented on the Baltimore law requiring pregnancy centers to post signs listing services they do not offer, discussed the use of adult stem cells to help heart attack patients, reported on the third death of a woman who had a legal abortion in India, and the failure of a bill in France that would have legalized euthanasia.

The ERLC also argued that the “opt out” and “trigger” options being considered for health care reform are just a stealthy way for liberals to achieve government-run health care, and linked to an interview with Cal Besiner on “Climategate.”

ERLC and Richard Land

by Jessica Bryan

The ERLC wrote about the Senate vote to allow debate on the health care reform bill which supposedly includes funding for abortion.

In the latest ERLC Life Digest post, the group discussed a man who was in a coma for 23 years but was conscious the whole time, the passage of a Baltimore, MD law that requires pregnancy help centers to post signs displaying services (like abortion) that it does not provide, the decision by an ethics panel to continue to provide life support for an infant with a genetic defect and pulmonary vascular disease, the failure of a bill in Australia that would have allowed voluntary euthanasia, and, finally, the distribution of over $64,000 to pregnancy centers and adoption agencies in Louisiana from profits made off of the state’s Choose Life license plate.

The ERLC also discussed the film The Blind Side,  the drafting and signing of the Manhattan Declaration on life, marriage, and religious liberty in response to “a genuine increase in the threat, especially on the sanctity of life front,” and citied pro-life leaders criticism of the decision by pro-life Democrats who voted to allow debate on the health care reform bill, saying they “let down the movement.”

An email from Richard Land notes that he joined the signers of the Manhattan Declaration.  The email links to an article which includes excerpts from the Declaration.

Richard Land on Health Care

by Jessica Bryan

Richard Land posted three discussions on health care: Richard Land and Barrett Duke, euthanasia and limiting free speech, and free speech and religious freedom.