ERLC and Richard Land

by Jessica Bryan

The ERLC discussed abortion in health care reform, reported on Richard Land’s call for sanctions on Iran, interpreted some of the results of the elections from last Tuesday, provided a copy of the letter Land sent to  Sen. John Boehner opposing health care reform, and discussed the ERLC’s Psalm 139 Project and “crisis pregnancy.”

On his show, Richard Land discussed last week’s elections, interviewed Fred Thompson, and talked about health care reform and the abortion ban amendment.

Focus on the Family

by Jessica Bryan

Focus posted about a commentary by  in the Washington Times ADF President Alan Sears about the Obama Administration’s lack of action against the pornography industry. 

The group also commented on the supposed “pro-life” amendment offered by “pro-life” Rep. Brad Ellsworth (Democrat) with little objections from other Democrats; Focus argued that “you know there’s something amiss when pro-abortion Democrats have zero objections to a “pro-life” amendment.” 

Focus discussed Obama’s troubled appellate court nomination of Judge Hamilton and asked readers to contact their representative and ask him or her to vote “no” on Hamilton’s nomination.  The group also reported some statistics about how American’s view pornography and argued that the fight against pornography is “still a winnable war.”

An email from Focus discussed Tuesday’s election results, arguing that “The off-year elections were ‘an unmistakable rebuke of Democrats.”

Family Research Council

by Jessica Bryan

The latest blog post from the FRC embedded a video of their latest TV ad, entitled “Inheritance of Debt.”  They also provide a transcript of the ad.

A Washington Update email from the group commented on the failure of the Maine gay marriage proposition, argued that the defeat of NJ Gov. Corzine and VA gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds also counted as a defeat of what the group calls “counterfeit marriage” and commented on the election in NY’s 23rd district, promoted the FRC the webcast from last night and stated that “Unless FRC says differently, the government-run public option forces you to pay for abortion, period!”  Finally, the group noted that Michele Bachmann is calling for a rally at noon on Nov. 5 on Capitol Hill.

FRC: Obama Destroyer of Peace and Winner of Peace Prize

by Jessica Bryan

The FRC questioned why President Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize and concluded that it was his support of “funding abortions overseas.”  The group said:

Mother Teresa called abortion the greatest destroyer of peace.   But according to the Nobel committee, forcing taxpayers to fund it gets you a peace prize.

An FRC Action Update email criticized Democrats for attaching the hate crimes amendment to a defense bill, discussed the importance of the Virginia gubernatorial election next month, and talked about the concern  about funding for abortion in the health care bill.


by Jessica Bryan

The FRC provided links to “some articles of interest.”

An FRC Action Update email discussed Safe Schools “czar” Kevin Jennings, the 2010 race for New York’s 23rd Congressional District seat, and the release of a “new report on the success of America’s pregnancy resource centers.”

A second email from the group asks for donations to help prepare for the “battles ahead” including fights against “health care reform, pro-homosexual employment laws, threats to marriage and religious liberty, expanding government and the culture of death, and more.”