Focus on the Family

by Jessica Bryan

Focus reported that economic hard times are lowering the divorce rate while the stress on the military is actually increasing the divorce rate in military families.  The group also discussed statements by NBA commissioner David Stern about the NBA’s possible new support for gambling,  the nomination of  Louis Butler, a former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice , to a federal district court judgeship, and commented on the changes in the phenomenon of  “sexting” among teens.

An email from Focus argued that not much of the 1.1 billion allocated in the 2010 omnibus bill will go to “family-friendly causes.”

A second email from the group discussed the meeting of the Democratic caucus at the White House with President Obama to discuss health care reform, with Republicans holding a rally the same day.

A Focus on the Family Acton email on “how your support of Focus Action in the last 12 months has helped us ‘fight the good fight’ on behalf of truth and righteousness in dozens of states, not to mention major efforts on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.—with results that are surprising and encouraging!”  These results include defending Prop 8, influencing the 2009 elections, and petitioning Congress.


Focus on the Family

by Jessica Bryan

Focus reported that fewer couples are getting divorced because it is too expensive in this economy, and discussed the authority of Congress to mandate that everyone have health insurance.

An email from Focus contained an article about the possible House vote on health care reform this week.

A second email from the group discussed Focus’ efforts to help, and raise awareness of, orphans.

BreakPoint: NPR “grade-school quality”

by Ruth Moon

National Public Radio’s feature on Sarah Palin is “grade-school quality” (and that’s not a compliment).

A new, graphic display of photos was created in conjunction with an anti-abortion protest in Berkeley, Calif.

Is the “prosperity gospel” doctrine related to financial crises in the U.S.?

BreakPoint applauds the recent government focus on sex trafficking.

BreakPoint also lauds Rep. Bart Stupak’s (D-Mich.) efforts to change abortion-related portions in the health care bill.

BreakPoint is helping raise funds for the Philippines, recently hit with typhoons.


by M. Pulliam

Action alert: Sojourners asks Americans to let Congress know that the same old broken financial system that lead to the $700 billion bailout will not do, citing scripture, “as Christians, we can advocate for a just financial system based on the wisdom of scripture. The Bible commends ‘those who deal generously and lend, who conduct their affairs with justice’ (Psalm 112:5), and condemns those who oppress the poor and needy for their own gain (Ezekiel 18:10-13).”

Arizona Sheriff had his ability  to enforce immigration laws (Immigration and Customs Enforcement, 287(g)) revoked as he became notorious for repeated abuses.

Sojourners asks if Obama’s Peace Prize is premature and concludes, that no, his vision and immediate actions especially are deserving of the prize and this award should encourage him to continue with that vision. Another blogger sees the award as more of an encouragement and a challenge to America. Jim Wallis also comments on his take, particularly addressing the problem with all of the critics.

Sojourners distinguishes itself from critics on the right and critics on the left, using abortion as an example (a good perspective on a few issues).

Sojourners attempts to break down some of the assumptions that Christians should have certain political theologies, referencing the “Left Behind” series, big government, and the Conservative Bible Project.  Read more about Sojourner’s take on the Conservative Bible Project here.

One blog mentions that President Obama sent two members of his Cabinet, Arne Duncan and Eric Holder, to Chicago to meet with high school students, hoping that he will bring constructive change to the current desolate division between the tourists’ Chicago and the Chicago that the friends of Derrion Albert see.


by M. Pulliam

Sojourners makes several cases for health-care reform.

One story  explores the racial divide on opinions of health-care reform.

Another says, “If Jesus fed 5,000 with only a bit of fish and bread, surely the richest country in the world can take care of its own.”

Health-care reform is only one part of the necessary complete restructuring of the economic system.

Sojourners makes a call for immigration fees to be decreased, not increased as proposed, and have hope that Obama will oblige considering as a Senator he introduced legislation to do so.

Sojourners calls for a dismantling of the hyper-connection of church and guns, specifying a situation in Texas.


by Jessica Bryan

The FRC reported on the 2009 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in a post with that same title, criticized living wills as serving as “suicide notes,” and “provide[d] links to audio streams” about the economy.

A Washington Update email from the group bashed the New York Times article entitled “The High Price of Being a Gay Couple,” talked about Kevin Jennings, and advertised for a lecture on Thursday on “The Rejection and Rebirth of the Hippocratic Oath.”

Focus on the Family

by Jessica Bryan

Focus posts about the impact of a poor economy on couples, morality in law and ENDA, and “religious liberty rights of for-profit religious corporations” and ENDA.

An email from Focus discussed health care and abortion.  A second email discussed ENDA.