by Jessica Bryan

The FRC posted links to some “articles of interest” and commented on a case where a man was sentenced to a 5 year prison sentence for attempting to induce a miscarriage on a woman who was 7 months pregnant.

A Washington Update email from the group discussed the possibility of the House considering amendments to health care reform legislation that would ban federal funding for abortions, Eric Holder’s statement against DOMA at the University of Maine, and opposition to federal funding for embryonic stem cell research in being dismissed in court.


Focus on the Family

by Jessica Bryan

The latest post by Focus recapped the discussion Friday with James Dobson.  Topics included Kevin Jennings, DOMA, and hate crimes legislation.

An email from Focus discussed abortion in the health care debate.

American Family Association

by R. Burge

A post today highlights a breakthrough in adult stem cell research, hopefully paving the way for the elimination of embryonic stem cell use.

The AFA points out a recent Saturday Night Live Sketch that makes light of Pres. Obama’s Nobel Prize victory.

Another entry highlights recent statements by Liz Cheney on Obama’s Nobel Prize. Cheney says that Obama should send the mother of a fallen soldier to Oslo to accept the award.

An article by Jerry Richardson describes how a recent NYTimes article called Christians “demented” and he indicates a proper response to such an attack.

A piece by Bryan Fischer highlights some of the culture wars items of the last few months, including the possibility of overturning DOMA, the passage of ENDA, and the dismantling of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.  He concludes by saying, “If there was ever a time for conservatives to stand athwart history and yell “Stop!”, the time is now.”

In another post by Bryan Fischer he compares what is occurring in the United States to what was happening in Nazi Germany. He specifically points to the separation of church and state and describes how that emphasis was important to Adolph Hitler before the invasion of Poland.

Another post describes Sen. Lindsay Graham’s change of heart on the issue of cap and trade legislation.  The article states, “Sen. Graham exemplifies everything that is wrong with the Republican Party.”

Fischer points out a recent article about Canadian Health Care, followed by several reasons why it is not better than the current U.S. system.

Two other posts indicate that Pres. Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize and then link to a video of his acceptance.

Finally, Elijah Friedeman points out the hypocrisy in the Democratic National Committee saying the GOP has sided with terrorists.

ADF: Texas judge declares DOMA unconstitutional

by D. Bennett

The Alliance Defense Fund reports that a Texas judge, in an effort to hear a divorce case between two men who were married in Massachusetts, has declared the state’s Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional. The judge has also struck down the voter-approved constitutional amendment limiting marriage to one man and one woman.

ADF attorneys are preparing to file an amicus curiae brief opposing the court’s ruling.

CBN: Huckabee 2012 GOP candidate?

by Ruth Moon

Attendees at the annual Values Voter Summit held last weekend in Washington, D.C. protested “unrestrained liberalism in Washington,” including issues like health care and religious displays.

Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee won the straw poll vote for the GOP 2012 presidential candidate at the Values Voters Summit over the weekend.

Two Florida teachers were found not guilty of a contempt of court charge for praying at a school event.

Anti-abortion defenders are still up in arms about President Barack Obama’s proposed health care bill.

Rifqa Bary, a convert to Christianity from Islam, will appear in court as part of ongoing proceedings today.

The Department of Justice wants a Boston judge to dismiss a lawsuit against the Defense of Marriage Act.

A 17-year-old from Great Britain was refused U.S. citizenship because she refused Gardasil, a cervical cancer vaccine. Her waiver request, which she filed for religious reasons, was denied this week.

Rev. Tullian Tchividjian, evangelist Billy Graham’s grandson, will keep his post as pastor at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church (Fla.) after a recent vote.

ADF: DOMA update

by D. Bennett

The Alliance Defense Fund writes that the recently introduced Respect for Marriage Act, which would repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, demonstrates an “ongoing disregard for the American people.”

DOMA, which was signed by President Clinton in 1996, “defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman for federal purposes.”

Family Research Council

by Jessica Bryan

The FRC writes about the link between the “feminizing of fish” and birth control.  They say:

The tragedy is that the population control message is most often promoted by the global warming crowd and others who view people as negatively impacting the environment and consuming limited resources.  In reality, it’s their efforts to reduce the population (people) that are actually destroying the environment (fish).

The group posted highlights from their health care town hall webcast from last Thursday.  Also, they reported that, according to results from the National Survey of Children’s Health, the combination of monthly attendance at worship services and a two parent home leads to “fewer worries about children’s achievement.”

One email from the group discussed health care, ACORN, and DOMA.  Another is about the FRC’s 2009 Fiscal Year-End Fund Drive.   A third email talks about the health care bill that came out of the Senate Finance Committee today, discusses the issue of prayer in school, and describes the “race card” as “a classic move by the Left when they can’t win the policy debate; they try to marginalize their opponents by calling them racist”