Liberty Counsel: Dems to “Slaughter” Constitution for health care reform

by D. Bennett

The Liberty Counsel writes that it vehemently disagrees with a legislative tactic being mulled in the House of Representatives which could aid in the passage of President Obama’s signature health care reform.

The controversial tactic, which the Counsel dubs the “Slaughter House Rule” due to the congresswoman who proposed it, would deem the Senate bill passed without an explicit vote on it.

The Liberty Counsel argues that invoking such a rule in this instance would be a violation of Article I, Section 7 of the U.S. Constitution.


ADF: Health care bill and Kentucky abortion bill

by D. Bennett

The Alliance Defense Fund posted these two stories recently:

– Senate Democrats appear to be shying away from the idea of using the procedural method of reconciliation as a means to pass a health care reform bill.

– A bill pending in the Kentucky state senate would require doctors to, among other things, show women seeking an abortion an ultrasound should they request to view one. The bill would also require women to meet with their doctor 24 hours prior to having an abortion.

ACLJ: Delay in seating Brown “outrageous”

by D. Bennett

Jay Sekulow, via his blog on the American Center for Law and Justice’s website, posts that the fact that Scott Brown (R-MA) has yet to be seated by the U.S. Senate represents an “unacceptable delay tactic on the part of the Senate leadership.”

“There’s absolutely no reason to wait to seat Senator-elect Brown and with each passing day he is prevented from participating in the legislative process,” Sekulow writes. ” This delay tactic…show that it’s business as usual in Washington – ignoring the will of Massachusetts voters and moving forward with a disturbing health care plan that America simply does not want.”

Despite the fact that the election results have not yet been officially certified, Sekulow argues that there is precedent which would allow Brown to be seated immediately.

ACLJ: Notes on the Mass. election and a comment on Erroll Southers

by D. Bennett

The American Center for Law and Justice posted several comments on the Massachusetts special election for U.S. Senator, including:

– Is the election of Scott Brown (R-MA) a referendum on President Obama’s ambitious health care agenda?

– The outcome of the election “commands national attention.”

– The Democrat-controlled Senate should move to seat Scott Brown as soon as possible, while avoiding any vote on health care reform until Brown is seated as a U.S. senator.

The ACLJ also noted that Erroll Southers, the nominee for the head of the Transportation Security Administration, has withdrawn his name from consideration due to controversy surrounding his nomination. The ACLJ called his withdrawal a “critical victory.”

Liberty Counsel: Mass. election a “shot heard ’round the world”

by D. Bennett

The Liberty Counsel writes that the results of the Massachusetts special election for the U.S. Senate, in which Scott Brown defeated Martha Coakley, was the start of a “new revolution in America.”

“President Barack Obama misread his election victory to be a referendum on radical liberalism. It was not,” the Counsel writes. “The radical policies of Obama, Reid and Pelosi have been rejected. The tax and spend, big government, anti-life agenda has been pushed back.”

The Counsel also argues that the election of Brown, a Republican, to the Senate has “derailed ObamaCare.”

“How ironic it is,” the Counsel writes, “that the person who replaced Ted Kennedy could be the deciding vote that kills government healthcare.”

The Counsel also notes that in addition to opposing the policies of  “radical liberalism,” people should also pray for liberal leaders via the Adopt-a-Liberal program.

new revolution in America.

Liberty Counsel: Back in the USSR?

by D. Bennett

The Liberty Counsel has posted criticism of President Obama and Democratic leadership in Congress, likening the Democrats’ decision to hold discussions over health care reform behind closed doors to the tactics of the Soviet Union.

“President Obama and the Democratic leadership are trying to exclude the American people from important information regarding healthcare,” the Counsel writes, “like the former Soviet Union tried to control the media and shut out public participation.”

The Counsel also argues that the closed door meetings are evidence that President Obama has abandoned his campaign pledge of transparency in government.

Invoking the language of President Reagan the Counsel writes, “Contact the White House and ask the President to fulfill his promise of transparency and tear down the wall of secrecy that surrounds the health care debate.”

ADF: Democrats pressuring Sen. Nelson in health care fight

by D. Bennett

The Alliance Defense Fund picked up on a story filed by The Fox Nation, citing a Senate aide saying that the White House has threatened Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) over his opposition to any funding for abortions in the health care fight.

The aide reports that the White House has threatened to close a military base in Nelson’s state of Nebraska should the moderate Democrat fail to “fall in line” with the rest of his Democratic senators.