Traditional Values Coalition: Burqa Barbie

by Jessica Bryan

In her latest post, TVC’s Andrea Lafferty expresses outrage in response to Mattel’s newest Barbie doll: “Burqa Barbie.”  Here are some excerpts  from her post:

…So I hope under that brightly colored burqa the new Mattel doll is badly bruised and has a frightened look on her face because most women in burqas are severely abused women.

…Shariah law is a despicable and anti-Constitutional throwback to the Dark Ages when rights were reserved only for males of certain religions. It is the opposite of America where we guarantee rights equally to every person, except the unborn.

Mattel could do a public service by distributing a “Rifqa Bary” Barbie doll which resembles the young Muslim woman in Ohio whose radical parents intend to kill her because she has professed her belief in Jesus Christ.

…The doll would need to look radiant and courageous like the real Rifka but it would be easy to accessorize. A miniature Bible could be tucked under her arm. And a set of cowardly politicians could be enclosed and they would do absolutely nothing just like they did in the real government hearings in Florida and Ohio.

An email from the TVC argues that several of the bills and nominations that will be voted on in the next month will “threaten religious freedom, our children, and our health care system.”  The TVC asked for readers to contact their senators.  The email also linked to several of the posts from the TVC website (from “Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) Threatens the Practice of Religion & Our Nation’s Children” through “Reid ‘Health Care’ Reform Bill Increases Premiums by $3,100 Yearly and Funds Abortion!”).

Focus on the Family

by Jessica Bryan

Focus posted about children and gay couples, marriage between one man and one woman, responded to a criticism on the previous post about children and gay couples, claimed that Sandra Day O’Connor deserves to have her decisions overruled, and  discussed human trafficking in India.

An email from Focus talked about President Obama’s scheduled keynote address at the Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) 13th Annual National Dinner on Saturday.

Focus on the Family

by Jessica Bryan

Focus writes about a couple in search of secrets to a successful marriage, the aftermath of the Kelo v. City of New London case,  and the drop in the U.S. birthrate.

An email from Focus was critical of the American Library Association’s “so-called Banned Books Week:”

Focus on the Family is encouraging donations of books to neighborhood and school libraries: books that communicate a Christian and socially conservative perspective on hot-button issues such as homosexuality and abortion. The effort coincides with the ALA’s annual twisting of the First Amendment, as it showcases books to which parents have objected — and which libraries have generally not pulled from shelves.

CBN: Brainwashed by Obama?

by Ruth Moon

Some are saying New Jersey students were brainwashed into singing a pro-Obama song.

Two gay U.S. representatives are supporting a bill to give gays more protection in the workplace.

Virginia and New Jersey will elect governors this year, possibly breaking the trend of Democratic governors over health care and the economy.

Some Lutherans are considering leaving the denomination after the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America voted to allow gays to serve in the denomination.

Do Americans follow the 10 Commandments?

President Obama’s diversity czar is drawing media attention for saying white people should resign from positions of authority to let minorities move up.

Honduras restricted civil liberties Monday to preemptively halt rebellion.

In spite of the poor economy, Church Building Services nearly doubled its revenue this year.

Focus on the Family: Many Couples Having Children out of Wedlock in UK

by Jessica Bryan

Focus reports  that the percentage of children being born to unwed couples has risen to 46% in the UK.  The number is currently 39% in the U.S.

An emailfrom Focus profiles Dr. Al Mohler and his views on the Ten Commandments.

Focus on the Family: Marriage in America

by Jessica Bryan

In an email, Focus on the Family reports on new Census data, noting that “most Americans marry just once…the average U.S. marriage lasts 18.2 years.”  Also (the blog quoting Carl Haub of the Population Reference Bureau) “Childbearing … tends to come more in the 30s than it does in the 20s…[and] there (are) more unmarried couples who are raising children.”

Focus on the Family: Values Voters, Children, and Gays

by Jessica Bryan

The Focus on the Family Citizen Link blog included two posts from their guest blogger, blogging from the Values Voter Summit (posts 1 and 2), and another post entitled “Using Children to Advance Gay Marriage.”

An email sent by the group encourages subscribers to watch the Values Voter Summit live.  It also includes an interview with Freddie Scott.