IRD: civil unions, immigration, nukes

The Institute on Religion and Democracy calls out Sojourners among other members of the “Religious Left” for targeting conservatives in the health-care reform debate.

The IRD provides a quick summary of Presbyterian funds given to ACORN.
IRD President Mark Tooley comments, “As ACORN implodes amid scandal, it will be interesting to learn whether other church agencies funded the activist group.”

Presbyterian and Lutheran Churches cannot come to an agreement about  church standards on homosexuality and marriage. IRD explains that this means ministers are left to decide and that this message of tolerance should be sent to the General Assembly in 2010.

Another article describes a General  Assembly committee’s process of discussing civil unions.
The Governing Board of the National Council of Churches calls for elimination of nuclear weapons, heavily emphasizing the United States’ responsibility while neglecting to put pressure on other countries.
Church officials gather, some ask if civil disobedience is okay in order to spur on long-awaited immigration reform.


American Family Association

by R. Burge

The AFA has three different posts today.

The first, Good News and the Fringe Media by Jerry Richardson touts the recent ratings success of Fox News and contends that what has traditionally been referred to as the Main Stream Media should now be considered the Fringe Media pointing to the MSM’s lack of coverage of the ACORN scandal.

The second, NEA: Big time supporter of ACORN by Bryan Fischer highlights the connection between the National Educator’s Association and the scandal plagued ACORN. Fischer points out that in 2007 the NEA gave over $300,000 in collected union dues to ACORN. He implores NEA union members to change their association, “It’s long past time for teachers to dump their membership in the NEA and its aggressive support for far left causes and organizations, and join organizations such as the AAE which focus just on liability protections and professional improvement and refuse to use association fees or dues to support political causes of any kind.”

Finally, in a post entitled When the First Lady shops the Planet Dies by Bryan Fischer, the author describes the recent trip by First Lady Michelle Obama to a local farmer’s market in Washington D.C. Fischer decries the action as hypocritical and detrimental to the environment saying “Considering all the logistics, each tomato she purchased had a carbon footprint of several tons…”

FRC: Abortion, ACORN, Missiles, and Homosexuals

by Jessica Bryan

Tony Perkins’ FRC Action Update email discusses abortion and the health care bill, the “de-funding” of ACORN,  President Obama’s decision to reverse President Bush’s plan to put a missile defense system in Eastern Europe, and “radical homosexual activists and their allies in Congress.”

Concerned Women of America

by R. Burge

In their email correspondence the Concerned Women of America highlight several topics, including the possibility of health care rationing and funding for abortion in the current health care reform bill. The email includes the statement: “Many have already encountered a eugenics mentality, and have had to battle cost-based denial of care from insurance companies and Medicaid, both in the U.S. and abroad.”

Additionally the email mentions the fight for family values in the United Kingdom as well as mentions the recent undercover investigation of ACORN writing,  “We should be disturbed mostly by the callous and routine manner with which ACORN employees handled questions from the supposed pimp and prostitute.”

American Family Association

by R. Burge

Today the AFA is again focusing it’s attention on ACORN and corruption that was revealed in an undercover investigation. Their website features an interview of their CEO Bertha Lewis on MSNBC defending the embattled organization.

Additionally, they report the results of a recent Rasmussen Poll that indicates opposition to the proposed health care reform bill is at an all time high. Elijah Friedman states, “Needless to say, it looks like the Democrats will have a tough and unpopular road to travel if they want to get the healthcare bill passed in its present form.”

Family Research Council

by Jessica Bryan

The FRC writes about the link between the “feminizing of fish” and birth control.  They say:

The tragedy is that the population control message is most often promoted by the global warming crowd and others who view people as negatively impacting the environment and consuming limited resources.  In reality, it’s their efforts to reduce the population (people) that are actually destroying the environment (fish).

The group posted highlights from their health care town hall webcast from last Thursday.  Also, they reported that, according to results from the National Survey of Children’s Health, the combination of monthly attendance at worship services and a two parent home leads to “fewer worries about children’s achievement.”

One email from the group discussed health care, ACORN, and DOMA.  Another is about the FRC’s 2009 Fiscal Year-End Fund Drive.   A third email talks about the health care bill that came out of the Senate Finance Committee today, discusses the issue of prayer in school, and describes the “race card” as “a classic move by the Left when they can’t win the policy debate; they try to marginalize their opponents by calling them racist”

Updates for September 16, 2009

by R. Burge

The American Family Association has published several stories about ACORN in the last 24 hours, both highlighting the undercover investigation as well as directing attention at the seven Senators who did not vote to eliminate funding for the organization. Elijah Friedman called it “a huge victory for conservatives everywhere.”