Liberty Counsel: Personhood amendment on Miss. ballot in 2011

by D. Bennett

The Liberty Counsel reports that after a furious effort to gather enough signatures, a personhood amendment to the Mississippi state constitution will be placed on the November 2011 ballot.

The amendment reads, “The term ‘person’ or ‘persons’ shall include every human being from the moment of fertilization, cloning or the functional equivalent thereof.”

The Liberty Counsel praised the efforts of those gathering signatures, as well as pledging to defend the amendment.

“We stand ready to defend this amendment against all those who would seek to undermine the fundamental right to life for the most innocent among us,” the Counsel writes. “We are preparing for legal challenges against the amendment.”

ADF: Va. legislature strips Planned Parenthood funding from license plate bill

by D. Bennett

The Alliance Defense Fund reports that the Virginia state legislature has stripped Planned Parenthood from funding it was due to receive from its own license plate bill.

The license plates, with the slogan “Trust Women, Respect Choice,” would cost $25, with Planned Parenthood receiving $15 of that fee.

But in a move sure to delight pro-life organizations, the legislature passed an amendment which will send all money from the license plate sales to the Virginia Pregnant Women Support Fund, a local pro-life organization.

Chuck Colson: Allowing open gays in military could cause disaster

by Ruth Moon

Colson criticizes the move to revoke the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy preventing openly gay people from serving in the military. “Allowing openly gay men threatens … cohesion by raising the possibility of a different kind of love—eros—which is ‘individual and exclusive,'” Colson writes. “‘All for one and one for all’ could give way to ‘sexual competition, protectiveness and favoritism,’ with disastrous military consequences.”

Colson applauds the anti-abortion Focus on the Family Superbowl ad (before seeing it).

Cutting the D.C. school voucher program “is a disgraceful example of how our leaders often pander to special interest groups than protect our most needy citizens.”

A culture that embraces tolerance could be on its way to totalitarianism.

Mohler: Marriage and more on trial in Calif.

by Ruth Moon

Religion and normative standards seem to be on trial in a California move to repeal Proposition 8.

Abortion doctors are becoming anti-abortion more frequently due to ultrasounds. “The ultrasound image reveals the undeniable humanity of the baby within the womb,” Mohler says.

ADF: Health care bill and Kentucky abortion bill

by D. Bennett

The Alliance Defense Fund posted these two stories recently:

– Senate Democrats appear to be shying away from the idea of using the procedural method of reconciliation as a means to pass a health care reform bill.

– A bill pending in the Kentucky state senate would require doctors to, among other things, show women seeking an abortion an ultrasound should they request to view one. The bill would also require women to meet with their doctor 24 hours prior to having an abortion.

American Family Association

by R. Burge

Mike Adams is angered that the Republicans have given up the black vote so easily, and argue that those who are ‘pro-choice’ are actually opposed to choice. He writes, “Libertarians should be opposed to abortion because of their love for the individual and his right to make choices. If not, he should be opposed to abortion because of his hatred for the Democrats and their propensity to grow governments.”

David Limbaugh also criticizes Pres. Obama for his giveaway to the unions by not taxing their Cadillac health care plans at a cost of over 60 billion dollars.

Tasha Easterling reports that Keith Olbermann went on a tirade against Scott Brown calling him a number of names and has yet to apologize for his remarks.

American Family Association

by R. Burge

The AFA lauds the recent effort by Pro Life groups to protest the opening of a Planned Parenthood ‘super-center’ in Texas. According to Tasha Easterling over 10,000 Christians showed up to protest and pray or the center to be unable to open its doors.

The AFA urges the President to open up health care negotiations, which he promised he would do 8 times during his campaign. They ask their readership to contact their elected officials.

The AFA is upset over an episode of ‘The Simpsons’ in which Homer travels to Israel and believes he has become the Messiah. They believe this to be derogatory to the Christian faith and asks it readership to contact Fox and ask that this episode never be aired.

Elijah Friedeman tells Republicans to not start celebrating victory in Massachusetts yet and encourages them to vote to ensure Brown wins the special election.  Friedeman also criticizes Coakley for asking for votes at a MLK day memorial. Jeremy Wiggins also notes that there have been left wing groups who have been utilizing robocalls that spread false information to dissuade voters from casting their ballot for Brown.

Matt Friedeman takes a piece from RealClearPolitics to explain why Obama’s approval ratings have fallen so sharply. The reasons listed are: not being post partisan, allowing Reid and Pelosi to run the legislative branch, and pursuing an agenda that does not fit the times.

David Limbaugh writes an essay criticizing Obama’s foreign policy believing that it appeases terrorists and does not address the key issues of the war on terror.

Finally the AFA publishes an email sent from a PhD student in political science who feels that the textbooks are biased and wonders if he can continue his studies in such a hostile environment.

Liberty Counsel: Protesting Planned Parenthood’s “racial genocide”

by D. Bennett

The Liberty Counsel announced that its leader, Mat Staver, will be among several conservative leaders protesting the opening of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Houston, TX on January 18.

The clinic, not slated to open until April, will be the largest aborition clinic in the nation. The conservative groups chose Martin Luther King Jr. Day to launch their protest due in part to what they see as a genocide targeting racial minorities.

“On the memorial day of Martin Luther King Jr., we will gather to stand for life,” the Counsel writes. “African-American and Hispanic communities have been particularly hit hard by Planned Parenthood’s genocide.” The neighborhood in which the clinic will open is made up of over 80% minorities, according to the Counsel.

Other leaders planning to attend the protest include Tony Perkins, Richard Land, and Rev. Samuel Rodriguez.

Liberty Counsel: “Abortion Healthcare Bill is Unconstitutional”

by D. Bennett

The Liberty Counsel writes that the two versions of health care reform bills before the House and the Senate are unconstitutional, and that the Liberty Counsel will file suit against any bill which mandates coverage or requires private businesses to provide coverage for its employees.

“Congress does not have unlimited authority to regulate private actions,” the Counsel writes. “If the Constitution does not give Congress the power to act, then Congress cannot act.”

Liberty Counsel: “Abortion Healthcare Bill is Unacceptable and Unconstitutional”

by D. Bennett

The Liberty Counsel blasted the Senate’s healthcare reform bill and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, saying that the Sen. Reid “is holding every Senator hostage in order to pressure them into submission so that  every American will be forced to fund abortion.”

The Counsel specifically lamented Sen. Reid’s so-called “Manager’s Amendment,” which, according to the Counsel, “requires the federal government to violate the principles of the Hyde Amendment by funding abortion.”

Furthermore, the Counsel is prepared to challenge the constitutionality of the bill should it become law.

“Congress has no authority to require every person to obtain insurance coverage,” the Counsel writes, “and has no authority to fine employers who do not provide the coverage standards that are required in the bill.”

The Counsel also made a bold comparison between the healthcare debate and a character familiar to the Christmas season, writing, “The spirit of the Roman Emperor Herod who killed every baby boy two years old and under in order to preserve his political dynasty still lives in the halls of Congress.”

Of course, Herod was actually not a Roman emperor but rather the provincial King of Israel appointed by Emperor Octavian. Still, the comparison is duly noted.

Family Research Council

by Jessica Bryan

The FRC discussed  using adult stem cells to treat for multiple sclerosis, reflected on Lee Eaton who recently passed away, posted on the “coffee is good for you” stories, compared the Christmas specials from Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Hudson, posted a “New video exposé of U.S. Department of Education Safe & Drug-Free Schools “Czar” Kevin Jennings,” discussed the expansion of legal prostitution in Nevada to include male prostitutes, reported on results from a survey indicating that “adults who attend religious services at least weekly are more likely to report that being married is personally very important to them than those who worship less frequently,” wrote about the “realities” of foreign policy and how it is different from President Obama’s “utopian” idealism, commented on Kevin Jennings and the group Media Matters who is defending him, commented on how the “mainstream media is spinning the Pope’s World Day of Peace message” and incompletely reporting on his stance on environmentalism, talked about mending bones using adult stem cells, and criticized the Federal Trade Commission‘s for filing a suit against Intel for anti-competitive practices.

A Washington Update email from the FRC discussed Sen. Harry Reid’s effort to expand Medicare to people aged 55 and over, argued that “the Omnibus marks the first direct government-sponsored abortion bill of 2010,” listed some of the taxes included in Sen. Reid’s health care bill, and advertised a “Stop the Abortion Mandate” broadcast and the deal with the Christian Values Network to donate to the FRC when you shop through their online “portal.”

A second Washington Update from the group commented on the health care reform effort by Democrats, argued that “it can be stopped,” and advertised their “PrayerCast.”  The group also discussed the Domestic Partnership Benefits and Obligations Act and efforts by the D.C. City Council to legalize gay marriage, and commented on the cost of expanding Medicare.

A third Washington Update reported that President Obama has reached out to Sen. Bob Casey to “draft an abortion compromise that will win over Sen. Ben Nelson’s (D-Nebr.) support for health care before Christmas,” criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s plan to travel to the Copenhagen climate talks, commented on the AARP and Sen. Reid’s effort to close the gap in Medicare prescription coverage, and again advertised their “PrayerCast,”

In a final Washington Update the FRC criticized supposed tax-payer funded abortion included in the 2010 omnibus bill that was signed into law yesterday, commented on Sen. Nelson’s rejection of Sen. Casey’s proposed new language on abortion funding in health care reform, and argued that the “real agenda of radical environmentalism” is “population control.”

The group also sent out an email reminder to watch their “PrayerCast.”  The email included this message:

Tonight, December 16, FRC Action and The Call to Conscience will host a live video webcast entitled “An FRC Action PrayerCast: Government Takeover of Healthcare”. Beginning at 8:30 p.m. (EST), this PrayerCast will feature a powerful line-up of speakers, including:

  • Tony Perkins, President, Family Research Council Action
  • Lou Engle, Founder and President, The Call to Conscience
  • Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family Action
  • Dr. James Dobson, Founder, Focus on the Family Action
  • Hon. Sam Brownback, United States Senator, Kansas
  • Hon. Randy Forbes, United States Congressman, Virginia
  • Hon. Jim DeMint, United States Senator, South Carolina
  • Hon. Michele Bachmann, United States Congresswoman, Minnesota
  • Bishop Harry Jackson, President, High Impact Leadership Coalition
  • Pastor Jim Garlow, Skyline Church, San Diego, Calif.
  • Reverend Samuel Rodriguez, National Hispanic Leadership Conference

During the webcast, you will hear the latest on the threats to the God-given right to human life through government funding of abortions, our health from rationing, our family finances from higher taxes, and our general freedom posed by the government plan to take over healthcare.

We will enter into a time of prayer for the nation, and our leaders. Your engagement and urgent prayer is more critical than ever as Congress will very soon vote on a final health care bill. Register now and join us this evening!

ERLC and Richard Land

by Jessica Bryan

The ERLC noted that Richard Land was “honored during the first Weyrich Awards Dinner in Washington, D.C.,” commented on the vote by the Senate to table the Nelson-Hatch amendment, reported on the Supreme Court’s decision to hear the case “of the University of California Hastings College of the Law’s refusal to recognize the Christian Legal Society as a ‘registered student organization,'” discussed the vote in the House in the omnibus spending bill that would “drop a longstanding ban on government funds for abortions in the District of Columbia,” and discussed in detail decision made by the woman who quit her job at Planned Parenthood because of a “turn of heart.”

The latest Life Digest post from the group commented on the Berkley City Council’s decision to send coat hangers to pro-life members of Congress and on secret videos on Planned Parenthood “deceit.”  The group also reported on a new “pro-life study” from the World Economic Forum that “showed countries with more restrictive abortion laws have better maternal mortality rates than those with liberal policies.”  Here is some of the evidence they offer:

Ireland, a strongly pro-life country, ranked No. 1 in the world with only one death for every 100,000 live births, according to the report. The United States has a maternal mortality ratio of 17 deaths per 100,000 live births.

American Family Association

by R. Burge

Jeremy Wiggins is upset at Washington D.C. which has found a workaround from the Hyde amendment which denies federal dollars for abortion procedures. The District insists that the money that will go towards these procedures is not, in fact, federal dollars but instead locally raised money through local taxes.

The AFA also publishes a list of 100 reasons why climate change is a natural part of the Earth’s life cycle. The AFA writes, “The hype over man-caused global warming is nothing more than hoax and change. The bottom line here is that’s it’s time to stick a fork in Al Gore and his theory – he’s done.”

Bryan Fischer notes that CPAC is experiencing a fracturing as a group named GOProud is joining the organization. GOPround is an organization that advocates for equal rights for homosexuals. Fischer writes, “Simply put, homosexuality is not a conservative value. Homosexual behavior is immoral, contrary to nature, and poses exaggerated health risks to its practitioners…By allowing GOProud into its collapsible and possibly collapsing big tent, CPAC has not just allowed the camel’s nose to slip under the edge of the tent but has seated his unsightly derriere at the table. The barbarians will no longer be at the gate but will be inside the fort.”

Jeremy Wiggins also retells the story from yesterday about a boy who was ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation for drawing a picture of Jesus on the cross.

Finally, the AFA sends out an action alert specifically for the state of Michigan which legislature is working on a new bullying bill. Included in the latest draft is language about the sexual orientation of the student. The Alert reads, “Homosexual activists have schemed for years to use legitimate concern for student safety as a Trojan Horse to create special rights based on homosexual behavior and cross-dressing by inserting — for the first time ever — the terms “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” into Michigan law”

ADF: Democrats pressuring Sen. Nelson in health care fight

by D. Bennett

The Alliance Defense Fund picked up on a story filed by The Fox Nation, citing a Senate aide saying that the White House has threatened Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) over his opposition to any funding for abortions in the health care fight.

The aide reports that the White House has threatened to close a military base in Nelson’s state of Nebraska should the moderate Democrat fail to “fall in line” with the rest of his Democratic senators.

American Family Association

by R. Burge

The AFA urges its readers to contact their Senators today as they believe that the current version of health care reform is on the ropes. The current revision that would expand Medicare is not viable to many and the AFA believes this is an opportunity for constituents to make their voices heard.

Jeremy Wiggins informs readers that a New Jersey woman who was comatose after having an abortion procedure has won her lawsuit against the provider for nearly $2 million. Wiggins believes this demonstrates how dangerous abortions truly are.

In a recent interview Pres. Obama gave his first year in office a B+, Elijah Friedeman disagrees giving him a D+ instead.

Friedeman also passes along recent Rasmussen numbers that indicate Pres. Obama’s approval has fallen to an all time low. He is puzzled as to the specific reason for this decline, possibly pointing to health care reform.

Matt Friedeman mentions that a Chinese official in Copenhagen at the environment conference advocated for their one child policy. He writes, “But these radical views on birth control as a means to help the environment aren’t confined to Communist nations. People in America are starting to suggest similar ideas.” He names Sec. Clinton as an example.

Matt Friedeman is perplexed and intrigued by a Christianity Today article which indicates that there is a growing movement of Messianic Muslims. He views the movement with skepticism and hope.

Jerry Richardson believes that Pres. Obama’s current position on Afghanistan is full of ambiguities, scapegoating, and hedging his bets.

Bryan Fischer argues that the Constitution only permits Christians to serve for the federal government, what it does not allow however is for discrimination based on denomination. He writes in summary, “Clearly, then the point of Article VI in the federal Constitution was to allow all Christians of whatever denomination – “whether protestant, or catholic, or presbyterian or episcopalian, &c.” – to serve in the national government. Rather than being an anti-Christian plank, it was an explicitly pro-Christian plank, affirming the different manifestations of Christianity in all its varied hues, and an expression of tolerance and inclusivity for members of all Christian faiths.”

ERLC and Richard Land

by  Jessica Bryan

The most recent ERLC posts included a discussion comparing abortion in the U.S. to a holocaust and arguing that there are three victims of an abortion, linked to an analysis of abortion statistics, and argued that humans are an endangered species because of abortion.

On his show, Richard Land discussed the “Fight for Life” at both the beginning and end of life, Nelson Mandela and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and President Obama, and lastly Ahmadinejad’s “evil regime” and health care reform.

Center for a Just Society

In Principle v. Pragmatism by Ken Connor, the author attacks an argument that has been proposed by politicians and clergy in recent years. Many have noted that there is a solid middle ground on many of the controversial issues of the day. Connor believes however that this is not true in the slightest. Connor states,

The truth of the matter is that when it comes to the most fundamental questions about human society, culture, and government, the middle ground is not a sensible place to occupy.  When it comes down to the fundamentals, things are either right or they are wrong; to suggest that they may be right for me and wrong for you is nonsense.  Moral relativism comes into conflict with the Law of Non-Contradiction when operating at the level of fundamental values.

Connor advocates that certain issues are non-negotiable, including the abortion debate. He contends that Christians should stand their ground, no matter how difficult it may be.

Center for Moral Clarity

by R. Burge

The CMC is distressed at the recent actions taken by the US Senate on health care reform. The Nelson amendment would have essentially had the same language as the Stupak amendment in the house. The Senate decided to table the Nelson amendment, meaning it will not be included in the final bill. The CMC urges its readers to contact their Senators to advocate for the Nelson amendment.

The legislature in New Jersey attempted to pass a bill that would allow for equal rights for same sex couples. The CMC believes that the liberals in New Jersey are desperate to get this legislation through before Gov. Corzine steps down in January. They write, “If you live in the Garden State, we’d encourage you to continue to make the issue of matter of prayer, and join our colleagues there in pressing the state legislature reject this nonsensical effort to re-define marriage.”

The CMC also notes that Ohio has changed the way that it administers the death penalty, going from a 3 drug cocktail to just a single injection. The CMC writes, “[We] recognize the biblical authority of the state to carry out capital punishment but prefers it use only in extremely heinous cases of homicide in which there is no doubt about the condemned prisoner’s guilt.”

Family Research Council

by Jessica Bryan

The FRC talked about more uses for adult stem cells, noted that one plant scholar is saying there are more carnivorous plants than we think (the post links to the trailer for Attack of the Killer Tomatoes), interpreted results from a recent GSS survey to say that “adults in always-intact marriages who attend religious services at least weekly are the most likely to believe in the importance of having their own children,” argued that private sector research on cancer will  decrease if the Democrats’ health care plan passes and discussed potential uses for adult stem cells to fight HIV.

An email from the FRC urged subscribers to tell their senators to vote for the Nelson-Hatch amendment to health care reform.

A Washington Update email from the group discussed funding for abortion in health care reform and the Nelson-Hatch amendment, efforts in New Jersey to legalize gay marriage and in Virginia to give benefits to the partners of state employees, and the potential effect of current health care reform legislation on the Medicare Advantage program.

A second Washington Update email from the FRC criticized Sen. Reid for his comments about health care reform and slavery on the Senate floor, commented on the cost of health care reform, and criticized the “shocking record” of EEOC nominee Chai Feldblum.

A third Washington Update talked about the failure of the Nelson-Hatch amendment and the funding for abortion in health care reform, commented on the 2010 Omnibus bill, and argued that Sen. Reid is trying to cover up the fact that the current health care reform bill would fund abortion.

An email asking for donations said that “Two deeply committed supporters have offered a $300,000 Matching Grant that will double your gift and give it twice the impact in the fight to defend and advance faith, family, and freedom!”

BreakPoint: Abortion ahead

by Ruth Moon

With the Nelson-Casey-Hatch amendment defeated, government funding of abortion lies ahead.

The media is twisting Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan’s story much as it twisted JFK’s story.

NAE: Adoption and abortion

by Ruth Moon

NAE Director of Government Affairs Galen Carey signed a letter calling for support of a Senate bill extending 2001 monetary adoption incentives.

Carey and NAE President Leith Anderson also wrote a letter asking Senators to support the Nelson-Hatch amendment to the proposed health care bill.

ERLC and Richard Land

by Jessica Bryan

This week, the ERLC noted that the Senate was soon to vote on the Nelson-Hatch amendment that would restrict federal funding for abortion in health care reform, and urged readers to contact their senators to tell them to vote for the amendment.  The same message is contained in an Action Alert email from the group.

The group also discussed approval of the first embryonic stem cells for use in federally funded experiments, and the possibility of a mandate in health care reform to provide coverage of abortion.

In the latest Life Digest post, the ERLC commented on the Baltimore law requiring pregnancy centers to post signs listing services they do not offer, discussed the use of adult stem cells to help heart attack patients, reported on the third death of a woman who had a legal abortion in India, and the failure of a bill in France that would have legalized euthanasia.

The ERLC also argued that the “opt out” and “trigger” options being considered for health care reform are just a stealthy way for liberals to achieve government-run health care, and linked to an interview with Cal Besiner on “Climategate.”

Al Mohler on abortion

by Ruth Moon

The American conscience is conflicted on the issue of abortion, and Americans should have a serious conversation about it.

Concerned Women for America

by R. Burge

Wendy Wright, President of CWA, sent out an email correspondence to their supporters today urging them to contact their Senators about the health care reform bill that will be coming up for a vote in the coming days. Wright states,

It’s up to us to convince senators that Reid’s health care bill is a disaster! It will raise costs, cut health care and pay for abortions.

The real cost of Reid’s bill could reach $2.5 trillion. It will create over 100 new bureaucracies, boards, commissions, and programs. Democrats want to pay for it on the backs of children, seniors, and the most vulnerable.

Younger Americans, under 30-years old, can expect their health insurance premiums to double and even triple.

It will cut $135 billion from hospitals serving seniors, $15 billion from nursing homes and nearly $8 billion from hospices, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

Wright asks that each reader express their disgust at the current state of health reform by contacting their Senator.

Liberty Counsel: “Abortion is not Healthcare”

by D. Bennett

The Liberty Counsel writes that the Senate health care bill, as written, “funds abortions, mandates coverage even for those who do not want it, imposes new taxes, and establishes a government-directed system that will bankrupt the country and kill the sputtering economy.” As such, the Liberty Counsel urges people to oppose the bill.

The Counsel also claims that without an explicit ban on funding for abortions, the bill will fund abortions. Furthermore, they write that the elderly and sick could be in danger if the health care bill passes with provisions for abortion intact, saying, “As a society treats the most vulnerable among us in the womb, it will similarly treat the aged and the ill.”

ACLJ: Abortion and the Senate’s health care bill

by D. Bennett

The American Center for Law and Justice posts that the current Senate bill, as is, contains “a number of abortion provisions.” The ACLJ urges readers to sign their petition urging any provisions which would fund abortions to be stricken from the bill.

The ACLJ also asks readers to support Sen. Orrin Hatch’s (R-UT) amendment, which would “do what the Stupak-Pitts Amendment did in the House version – remove abortion funding from health care.”

Family Research Council

by Jessica Bryan

The FRC discussed their “New Study On How Pornography Threatens Marriages, Children, Communities, and Individuals,” compared Obama to a Vulcan (Tuvok not Spock), noted that the chilly political climate in the U.S. about global warming may make it difficult for liberals to push for environmental reform while at the conference in Copenhagen, gave Obama some advice about how to create jobs, and posted a video from Tony Perkins about health care.

A Washington Update email from the FRC praised Obama for his decision to increase the troop presence in Afghanistan, argued against the nomination of Judge Louis Butler to the federal district court, and argued that the proposed health care reform legislation would provide health care to illegal immigrants.

An email from Tony Perkins asked subscribers to contact their senators and tell them to support the “Stupak-Pitts anti-abortion funding amendment.”

A second Washington Update discussed the failure of the vote to legalize same-sex marriage in New York, the negative impact of porn on families and society, funding for stem cell research, argued that the full force of health care reform will not take effect until 2014, and linked to the FRC blog post about the conference in Copenhagen.

A third Washington Update from the group discussed gambling reform and Sen. Bachus’ letter from the FBI about the potential for cheating in online poker, talked about indirect funding for abortion in health care reform, advertised this week’s FRC Radio broadcast Washington Watch Weekly, and linked to Tony Perkins’ video about health care reform.

An email from Tony Perkins asked subscribers to participate in the FRC Family Photo 2009 Contest.

ADF: Democrats seeking compromise on key elements of health care bill

by D. Bennett

The Alliance Defense Fund reports that Senate Democrats are “pushing for compromises” on the hot-button issues of abortion and the public option. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), the Majority Whip, said that he hopes such compromises will move the bill toward a final vote.

Center for Moral Clarity

by R. Burge

The CMC sent out an email today with a headline about the pitfalls of health care reform. They write, “We are concerned with all aspects of the legislation, but our overriding concern is whether it would permit or require federal funding of abortion, or have the government authorize benefit plans that cover abortion, or both.” Additionally the CMC criticizes the Obama administration’s stance on stem cells, saying that scientific research should not destroy life.

The CMC is also concerned with the recent activity in Washington D.C. over the issue of gay marriage. 11 of 13 council members voted in favor of recognizing gay marriage in the District. It still needs to be approved by the Congress. The CMC believes that this recent activity is in violation of DOMA. They however laud the recent decision made in New York state to vote down a proposal that would allow for gay marriage.

The CMC is also in favor of the Fair Sentencing Act of 2009, which would bring the sentences for crack and powder cocaine into parity, while currently those who are convicted of dealing crack are subject to much harsher penalties.

The CMC endorses the Manhattan Declaration, saying that it “majors in the majors,” but wishes however that it included statements about reducing poverty.

Finally, the CMC is in support of the recent Supreme Court decision which did not allow the state of New York to use eminent domain powers to expand Columbia University.

Concerned Women for America

by R. Burge

The CWA sent out an email correspondence today that highlights their recent political activism on Capitol Hill.  There was a pro-abortion rally held yesterday which was organized by Planned Parenthood, the Feminist Majority, Womens Campaign Forum and NARAL. Their primary concern was the potential inclusion of the Stupak amendment in the health care reform package working its way through the Senate. CWA was there to offer an opposing voice on abortion, believing that the Stupak amendment will limit the number of abortions. They embed a video showing the tactics used by the pro abortion groups during the rally.

Wendy Wright also passes on her recent experiences in Honduras where she served as an independent election observer. Wright found the people to be committed to democracy even though they face daily obstacles.

The CWA also informs its readers of the “Naughty or Nice” list compiled by the Liberty Council.

Christian Solidarity International has just published a report that indicates many Coptic Christians in Egypt have been abducted and forced to convert to Islam. The CWA encourages readers to pray and get involved.