ACLJ: Justice Dept. putting national security at risk

by D. Bennett

The American Center for Law and Justice sent an e-mail to subscribers Friday, urging them to oppose the Department of Justice’s plans to try five 9/11 conspirators in civilian courts.

“Rarely does one decision carry as many national security ramifications,” the e-mail states, “as the recent decision by President Obama’s Department of Justice (DOJ) to give the terrorist mastermind of the 9/11 attacks full due process rights and access to our domestic criminal courts.”

The ACLJ’s e-mail urged supporters to sign a petition voicing their opposition to the DOJ’s proposal.


Richard Land

by Jessica Bryan

On Richard Land Live, Land discussed ” Ft. Hood shooting and the 9/11 trials moving to NY,” Obama’s delay on making a decision about the war in Afghanistan,  and the recently passed health care bill and abortion.

EPPC: Laments of Obama’s interrogation regulations

by M. Pulliam

An article highlighted by the Ethics and Public Policy Center laments how the advances in intelligence gathering since 9/11 have been reversed by the Obama administration.

“…the suspect CIA will no longer question high-value terrorists. Now, a committee of experts from several intelligence and law enforcement agencies – a committee housed at the FBI – will decide whether and how to question the enemy, or should I say “alleged perpetrators.” This group will report directly to the White House.”

Religious Right Groups Update 9/14/09

by Jessica Bryan

Traditional Values Coalition (Andrea Lafferty): On Friday, argued that through his memo to U.S. embassies world-wide (see Lafferty’s link to atlasshrugs2000 posting), President Obama is “continuing his apology tour and is pandering to Islamic nations,” and that Obama “seems  to infer that U.S. citizens should make amends for something that was done to us.”

Focus on the Family: notes that Barney Frank (D-MA) will not agree to co-sponsor the repeal of DOMA (to be introduced tomorrow).  Also, discusses a District Court decision to forbid the disclosure of the names of people who signed a petition to overturn a Washington state domestic partnership law.

An email alert from Friday links subscribers to an interview with former White House staff member Tim Goeglein who discusses the first 9/11.

Family Research Council: On Friday, discussed Obama’s address to a joint session of congress, and an FRC Action Webcast townhall on health care.

An email alert from FRC calls for “Vigilance not Volunteerism,” discusses ACORN, White House czars, an FRC team tour, and FRC radio.  Another email reminds subscribers to register for the 2009 Values Voter Summit and notes that Former Miss California Carrie Prejean is a confirmed speaker.

Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission/Richard Land Live: argues that President Obama’s “speech did little to allay the concerns of most critics, especially regarding federal funding of abortion.”  Also, on Sept. 9, Richard Land and others handed Congress a petition signed by 1.3 million people opposed to “current health care legislation.”