Liberty Counsel: Stevens’ resignation to set up Supreme Court battle

by D. Bennett

The Liberty Counsel was quick to issue a statement following Justice John Paul Stevens’ announcement that he will step down from the Supreme Court this summer.

Of his eventual successor, the Counsel writes, “The American people deserve a Supreme Court nominee who respects the rule of law and who will set aside personal bias in order to be faithful to the Constitution.”

The Counsel then urged its readers to “Pray that any efforts to confirm a judicial activist to the Court will be unsuccessful.”


Liberty Counsel: Personhood amendment on Miss. ballot in 2011

by D. Bennett

The Liberty Counsel reports that after a furious effort to gather enough signatures, a personhood amendment to the Mississippi state constitution will be placed on the November 2011 ballot.

The amendment reads, “The term ‘person’ or ‘persons’ shall include every human being from the moment of fertilization, cloning or the functional equivalent thereof.”

The Liberty Counsel praised the efforts of those gathering signatures, as well as pledging to defend the amendment.

“We stand ready to defend this amendment against all those who would seek to undermine the fundamental right to life for the most innocent among us,” the Counsel writes. “We are preparing for legal challenges against the amendment.”

Liberty Counsel: Newly passed “Obamacare” is unconstitutional

by D. Bennett

The Liberty Counsel argues that the recently-passed H.R. 3590 is unconstitutional.

“Liberty Counsel will file suit challenging the constitutionality of the bill if it is signed by President Obama,” the release says.

Liberty Counsel: Dems to “Slaughter” Constitution for health care reform

by D. Bennett

The Liberty Counsel writes that it vehemently disagrees with a legislative tactic being mulled in the House of Representatives which could aid in the passage of President Obama’s signature health care reform.

The controversial tactic, which the Counsel dubs the “Slaughter House Rule” due to the congresswoman who proposed it, would deem the Senate bill passed without an explicit vote on it.

The Liberty Counsel argues that invoking such a rule in this instance would be a violation of Article I, Section 7 of the U.S. Constitution.

Liberty Counsel: Appeals court upholds “In God We Trust”

by D. Bennett

The Liberty Counsel reports that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the nation’s motto, “In God We Trust,” does not violate the United States Constitution.

The Liberty Counsel filed an amicus brief with the court in support of the motto’s constitutionality.

The challenge was brought by Michael Newdow, who made headlines after his unsuccessful suit to get the words “Under God” out of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Liberty Counsel: Support the privacy of marriage petition signers

by D. Bennett

The Liberty Counsel has announced that it has filed an amicus curiae brief with the U.S. Supreme Court, asking the Court to keep private the names of individuals who signed a petition that allowed a ballot measure which struck down gay marriage legislation in Washington state.

“If the Court allows release of information about the petition signers, those individuals would face the same persecution experienced by supporters of Proposition 8 in California”, the Counsel writes. “There, when records were made public by a local judge, marriage supporters received death threats, envelopes with white powder, property damage, harassing calls and emails from same-sex marriage activists and were forced to resign their jobs.”

Liberty Counsel: Adopt A Liberal™ program launches trading cards

by D. Bennett

The Liberty Counsel writes that it has produced a deck of cards (“similar to baseball trading cards”), as part of the organization’s Adopt A Liberal™ program.

The cards include individuals representing both political parties, as well as some people outside of Washington politics. The Counsel notes that liberals were chosen based on adherence to “liberal positions or policies that negatively impact life, liberty and family.” The cards are available for a $20 donation to the Liberty Counsel.

TAEP first reported on the birth of the Adopt A Liberal™ program last year.