BreakPoint: “Obamacare”

by Ruth Moon

The Washington Examiner reports on “10 Inconvenient Truths About Obamacare.”

The United States is a “broken society”—partly because of the nation’s debt.

Is castration of rapists a good policy?

“Pledge of Allegiance ruled constitutional.”

Americans should send money and think about adopting Haitian children.


Chuck Colson: Health care outside government’s sphere

by Ruth Moon

Colson on health care: “Last Sunday night, pro-life Democrats sold the birthright of millions of unborn children for a mess of pottage.”

Health care is outside government’s rightful realm and is unchristian.

Colson’s ideas for health care reform.

A Catholic school in Boulder, Colo. will not allow the children of a lesbian couple to re-enroll in the fall. “Ignoring the contradiction” between the couple’s lifestyle and the school’s beliefs “would undermine the purpose for which Christian schools exist,” Colson says.

Genetically modified grains should be used to alleviate famine.

Marriage and sexuality affects every other aspect of life, including poverty, Colson says.

Catholic Charities is no longer offering health care benefits to spouses of employees, and “ordinary people are being asked to choose between their livelihood and obedience to their faith,” Colson said.

Chuck Colson: Allowing open gays in military could cause disaster

by Ruth Moon

Colson criticizes the move to revoke the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy preventing openly gay people from serving in the military. “Allowing openly gay men threatens … cohesion by raising the possibility of a different kind of love—eros—which is ‘individual and exclusive,'” Colson writes. “‘All for one and one for all’ could give way to ‘sexual competition, protectiveness and favoritism,’ with disastrous military consequences.”

Colson applauds the anti-abortion Focus on the Family Superbowl ad (before seeing it).

Cutting the D.C. school voucher program “is a disgraceful example of how our leaders often pander to special interest groups than protect our most needy citizens.”

A culture that embraces tolerance could be on its way to totalitarianism.

BreakPoint: Traditional marriage not homophobic

by Ruth Moon

Defending marriage between a man and woman does not make you homophobic.

Abstinence education delays sex, study finds.

Haitians need “wisdom and compassion” to speed up the adoption process without delivering children into the hands of sex traffickers.

The law should follow social standards in seeing abortion as morally wrong.

Soldiers are heroes.

Someone should have told James O’Keefe white lies cross an ethical line.

Pacifists are missing some elements of Christianity.

BreakPoint: Haiti in the headlines

by Ruth Moon

Give money to help Haiti.

Pat Robertson’s Haiti comments were terribly insensitive, but the 700 Club is helping raise funds for relief efforts.

Celebrating marriages is important for society to function.

Sex in movies actually doesn’t boost ratings, an APA report finds.

Why are dolphins considered for non-human person status, while human fetuses are not?

Being pro-choice and anti-death penalty is nonsensical.

Chuck Colson: Stand up for faith

by Ruth Moon

Brit Hume should be an example to all Christians to speak out about their faith.

Americans are pessimistic about the new year because government isn’t working.

Extreme environmentalists want to depopulate the earth, and Christians should stand up for the sanctity of human life (and sign the Manhattan Declaration).

Christians are becoming less and less welcome in the public square.

BreakPoint: Hume kudos

by Ruth Moon

BreakPoint applauds Brit Hume for telling Tiger Woods he needs Christianity.

The government recently released stats on sexual abuse at juvenile detention centers, and the numbers are “staggering.”