BreakPoint: “Obamacare”

by Ruth Moon

The Washington Examiner reports on “10 Inconvenient Truths About Obamacare.”

The United States is a “broken society”—partly because of the nation’s debt.

Is castration of rapists a good policy?

“Pledge of Allegiance ruled constitutional.”

Americans should send money and think about adopting Haitian children.

Chuck Colson: Health care outside government’s sphere

by Ruth Moon

Colson on health care: “Last Sunday night, pro-life Democrats sold the birthright of millions of unborn children for a mess of pottage.”

Health care is outside government’s rightful realm and is unchristian.

Colson’s ideas for health care reform.

A Catholic school in Boulder, Colo. will not allow the children of a lesbian couple to re-enroll in the fall. “Ignoring the contradiction” between the couple’s lifestyle and the school’s beliefs “would undermine the purpose for which Christian schools exist,” Colson says.

Genetically modified grains should be used to alleviate famine.

Marriage and sexuality affects every other aspect of life, including poverty, Colson says.

Catholic Charities is no longer offering health care benefits to spouses of employees, and “ordinary people are being asked to choose between their livelihood and obedience to their faith,” Colson said.

Chuck Colson: Allowing open gays in military could cause disaster

by Ruth Moon

Colson criticizes the move to revoke the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy preventing openly gay people from serving in the military. “Allowing openly gay men threatens … cohesion by raising the possibility of a different kind of love—eros—which is ‘individual and exclusive,'” Colson writes. “‘All for one and one for all’ could give way to ‘sexual competition, protectiveness and favoritism,’ with disastrous military consequences.”

Colson applauds the anti-abortion Focus on the Family Superbowl ad (before seeing it).

Cutting the D.C. school voucher program “is a disgraceful example of how our leaders often pander to special interest groups than protect our most needy citizens.”

A culture that embraces tolerance could be on its way to totalitarianism.

BreakPoint: Traditional marriage not homophobic

by Ruth Moon

Defending marriage between a man and woman does not make you homophobic.

Abstinence education delays sex, study finds.

Haitians need “wisdom and compassion” to speed up the adoption process without delivering children into the hands of sex traffickers.

The law should follow social standards in seeing abortion as morally wrong.

Soldiers are heroes.

Someone should have told James O’Keefe white lies cross an ethical line.

Pacifists are missing some elements of Christianity.

BreakPoint: Haiti in the headlines

by Ruth Moon

Give money to help Haiti.

Pat Robertson’s Haiti comments were terribly insensitive, but the 700 Club is helping raise funds for relief efforts.

Celebrating marriages is important for society to function.

Sex in movies actually doesn’t boost ratings, an APA report finds.

Why are dolphins considered for non-human person status, while human fetuses are not?

Being pro-choice and anti-death penalty is nonsensical.

Chuck Colson: Stand up for faith

by Ruth Moon

Brit Hume should be an example to all Christians to speak out about their faith.

Americans are pessimistic about the new year because government isn’t working.

Extreme environmentalists want to depopulate the earth, and Christians should stand up for the sanctity of human life (and sign the Manhattan Declaration).

Christians are becoming less and less welcome in the public square.

BreakPoint: Hume kudos

by Ruth Moon

BreakPoint applauds Brit Hume for telling Tiger Woods he needs Christianity.

The government recently released stats on sexual abuse at juvenile detention centers, and the numbers are “staggering.”

BreakPoint: Christmas tidings

by Ruth Moon

Christmas should remind Christians to pray for women in China who are forced to have abortions.

Religious Freedom Sunday is a way to teach people about religious liberties that should be allowed in schools.

Former Virginia gubernatorial candidate Mark Earley is now working with Prison Fellowship Ministry.

Crime has dropped in every state, including those that have reduced prison populations, in the last several years.

Readers can buy a Christmas gift and help victims of sexual trafficking.

BreakPoint: Abortion ahead

by Ruth Moon

With the Nelson-Casey-Hatch amendment defeated, government funding of abortion lies ahead.

The media is twisting Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan’s story much as it twisted JFK’s story.

Chuck Colson: Matters of life and death

by Ruth Moon

The shootings in Washington last week are evidence that criminals should serve full jail sentences, and the justice system is flawed.

Embryonic stem cell research is not ethical.

A British judge ruled recently that belief in global warming can count as a religion. Chuck Colson says that could happen in America, and “the earth could soon enough take the place of that archaic idea of an ancient God of the Bible.”

BreakPoint: Justice system woes

by Ruth Moon

New legislation should provide critical reform to Michigan’s justice system.

Compassionate choices like Huckabee’s decision to commute the sentence of the man who allegedly killed four police officers in Washington will always involve risk.

Television shows will lead to more violence.

If China and India don’t agree to an emissions reduction goal at the Copenhagen Summit, what’s the point of the meeting?

The people responsible for catching child porn creators have difficult jobs.

Sarah Palin’s baby, Trig, is still political.

BreakPoint: Manhattan … and everything else

by Ruth Moon

The Manhattan Declaration is important.

The Chinese may be more concerned about the deficit created by the new health care bill than Americans are.

Abortions have slowed in the last two decades.

Climate change scientists are now in the same camp as Bernie Madoff and Kenneth Lay.

A witness scheduled to speak before Congress in the One Child policy hearing was detained by authorities in Beijing.

The Manhattan Declaration: Christians Unite on Life, Marriage, & Liberty

by Tobin Grant

Yesterday, a coalition of Christian leaders (some political, some not) announced the “Manhattan Declaration“.  Most of the leaders were Evangelicals, but conservative leaders from Anglican, Catholic, and Orthodox churches were also signatories.

The Declaration is a call “to reaffirm fundamental truths about justice and the common good…These truths are:

  1. the sanctity of human life
  2. the dignity of marriage as the conjugal union of husband and wife
  3. the rights of conscience and religious liberty.”

You can read more about the Declaration at the NYT.

Most of the signatories are conservatives, both politically and religiously.  However, there were many influential conservative groups that are part of this coalition.  Here is a breakdown of which of the groups we tracked signed the Declaration.

Groups that were original signatories:

  • ADF
  • Al Mohler
  • Chuck Colson/Break Point
  • Ethics and Public Policy Center
  • Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission and Richard Land
  • Evangelicals for Social Action
  • Family Research Council
  • Focus on the Family Action
  • Institute on Religion and Democracy
  • National Association of Evangelicals
  • Susan B. Anthony List

Groups that were not original signatories:

  • ACLJ
  • AFA
  • AUL
  • CBN
  • Center for Just Society
  • Center for Moral Clarity
  • CWA
  • Faith in Public Life
  • Liberty Counsel
  • National Right to Life Committee
  • Relevant’s “Reject Apathy”
  • Sojourners
  • Traditional Values Coalition

BreakPoint: Civil liberties and civil rights

by Ruth Moon

Abortion is not in the child’s best interest. Also, a new face cream was made using protein from the skin cells of an aborted fetus, and forced abortions are taking place in China.

Catholic Charities will lose up to $20 million if anti-discrimination legislation passes in Washington, D.C.

The Fort Hood massacre was not caused by a “gun control problem” as Chicago Mayor Richard Daley says. Muslim extremists post “a real threat to our culture and way of life.”

Pornography is becoming more accessible in public places, leading to uncomfortable situations.

BreakPoint: Where are our priorities?

by Ruth Moon

Why did people gather to watch the gang rape of a 15-year-old two weeks ago instead of helping her?

It seems the Obama administration values climate change policies more than human rights.

BreakPoint: 14, not 13

by Ruth Moon

Don’t forget there were 14 victims of the Fort Hood shooting, not 13 — one of the soldiers was pregnant.

Abortion causes more deaths daily than the 114 children who have died from swine flu so far.

How many deaths does it take to raise awareness of overseas violence? The death toll in Democratic Republic of Congo is over 5 million, compared to Darfur’s 300,000.

A Massachusetts store manager should sue over a recent free speech/gay marriage run-in.

People complaining over religious leaders’ influence in Congress should remember there were similar complaints over church criticism of slavery back in the 1850s.

The Planned Parenthood employee who resigned should share things she learned at the clinic with those at the anti-abortion clinic she now works with.

BreakPoint: Just war?

by Ruth Moon

The war in Afghanistan started out as a just war, but is it just now? The situation in Afghanistan is a mess, and Christians should respond by praying for President Obama and the administration.

Chuck Colson: No porn on campus

by Ruth Moon

The University of Maryland should not allow X-rated movies to be shown on campus.

BreakPoint: NPR “grade-school quality”

by Ruth Moon

National Public Radio’s feature on Sarah Palin is “grade-school quality” (and that’s not a compliment).

A new, graphic display of photos was created in conjunction with an anti-abortion protest in Berkeley, Calif.

Is the “prosperity gospel” doctrine related to financial crises in the U.S.?

BreakPoint applauds the recent government focus on sex trafficking.

BreakPoint also lauds Rep. Bart Stupak’s (D-Mich.) efforts to change abortion-related portions in the health care bill.

BreakPoint is helping raise funds for the Philippines, recently hit with typhoons.

Chuck Colson: Look out – the government’s in charge

by Ruth Moon

Things can go downhill when different people’s rights infringe on each other and the government has to choose between the two — rights can cost freedom.

There are “too many regulations, and too little common sense” in many parts of the country today.

BreakPoint: Health care and hate crimes

by Ruth Moon

The new health care plan should address health care for prisoners.

White House Communications Director Anita Dunn’s admiration of Mao Zedong and Mother Teresa is “disturbing.”

“Balloon Boy’s” parents should not be sent to prison.

Recently passed hate crimes legislation is actually perpetuating “discrimination and prejudice.”

BreakPoint columnist Dennis Babish is upset that a high school student and Eagle Scout was suspended from school for carrying a knife in his car.

BreakPoint: Start a real peace prize

by Ruth Moon

Conservatives should start a Nobel Peace Prize alternative that focuses on peace instead of politics.

Pornography is dangerous, BreakPoint says, standing by a Maryland senator trying to impose restrictions on showing it in public.

Criminal law is screwed up when a six-year-old waving a set of camper’s utensils faces 45 days suspension from school.

BreakPoint points out the recent pieces in The New York Times on abortion.

BreakPoint: Global warming, violence, cash

by Ruth Moon

BreakPoint condemns the practice of chaining women in labor to their beds in U.S. prisons.

The recently announced conservative Bible project will introduce free-market economics, among other things, into the Bible.

BreakPoint is not a fan of the “Cash for Clunkers” program.

Violence is a difficult problem to solve because “You can’t legislate a good heart.”

Emissions reductions to reduce global warming could hurt the poor.

Debt and virtue are related.

BreakPoint: Pro (Panda) life

by Ruth Moon

“For the first time since polling on the subject began in 1995, America appears to have a chance of becoming a pro-life nation.” Another abortion post here.

Muslims can gather on the steps of the Capitol in D.C., but couldn’t do that in a Muslim country.

Don’t kill the pandas!

BreakPoint: The “Muslim House”

by Ruth Moon

The “Islam on Capitol Hill” event was not just informative — some Muslims involved hope the government will become the “Muslim House” instead of the White House, BreakPoint reports.

Reducing the use of prison to punish crime is a bad response to rising U.S. crime rates, if it means going soft on crime. But there might be good alternatives to prisons.

The ACORN video doesn’t prove much.

New “safe schools” czar Kevin Jennings has a questionable definition of “safe” regarding sex.

The right to die could turn into a duty to die for the elderly, Colson says.

The government is out of line to investigate Humana, Colson says.

Americans are angrier now than they were under President Bush.

Sperm and egg donation affects the whole family, including extended family like grandparents.

Is Roman Polanski a victim because his wife was murdered and he survived the Holocaust?

BreakPoint: Death by government?

by Ruth Moon

Chuck Colson questions the wisdom of putting the government in charge of life or death decisions with the proposed health care plan.

Colson also suggests that health care reform should focus first on changing trial lawyer commercials, which he says help lead to billions of dollars in malpractice lawsuits.

Since ACORN’s funding was cut, BreakPoint says we shouldn’t turn a blind eye to taxpayer-funded prostitution, drugs and torture.

Christianity is linked to prosperity, BreakPoint says.

BreakPoint reports that Philadelphia will shut down 54 city libraries if they can’t find funding by Friday.

BreakPoint: Kennedy overrated

by Ruth Moon

On Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.): “Senator Kennedy’s legacy is that of over-exercised, misplaced, and corrupted power.”

Former President Jimmy Carter is wrong to tie public criticism of Pres. Obama to racism.

Self-expression: Too much vs. not enough?

On the lighter side, a nudist Baptist church (possibly a hoax) is making waves.

BreakPoint: Rappers, adulterers and fools

by Ruth Moon

BreakPoint blogger Billy Atwell compares Kanye West and Rep. Joe Wilson’s (R-S.C.) outbursts from recent days.

Some women are upset because they cannot receive U.S. citizenship without getting the Gardasil vaccine against cervical cancer, BreakPoint reports.

And BreakPoint questions the validity of a slanted quiz asking “Are you a Fool?” that’s recently appeared.

S.C. governor Mark Sanford — recently caught with his mistress in Argentina — should resign because he is a Christian.

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