American Family Association

by R. Burge

During a recent radio program Sen. Arlen Specter was unable to get a word in while his colleague Rep. Michelle Bachmann and reportedly told her to “act like a lady.” The AFA wonders if Specter has ever said anything similar to a male colleague.

The AFA reports that Pelosi feels that the House does not have the votes necessary to pass the Senate version of health care reform and they will have to go back to the drawing board.  The AFA responds, “Good riddance.”

Elijah Friedeman transcribes Scott Brown’s response when asked if he had considered running for President. While Brown’s answer was very well measured, it did not rule out the possibility.

Tasha Easterling notes that Glenn Beck is criticizing Scott Brown for some offhand comments he made about his daughters, mentioning that they were ‘on the market’. Beck compared that behavior to that of disgraced Representative Gary Condit.

Friedeman also mentions recent comments made by Keith Olbermann when he insinuated that Massachusetts voters are racist because they voted against the policies of the Obama administration.

Finally, Jerry Richardson goes on a long discourse using biblical passages to repudiate the Obama administration, believing him to be arrogant and calling him a ‘fool’.


American Family Association

by R. Burge

Mike Adams is angered that the Republicans have given up the black vote so easily, and argue that those who are ‘pro-choice’ are actually opposed to choice. He writes, “Libertarians should be opposed to abortion because of their love for the individual and his right to make choices. If not, he should be opposed to abortion because of his hatred for the Democrats and their propensity to grow governments.”

David Limbaugh also criticizes Pres. Obama for his giveaway to the unions by not taxing their Cadillac health care plans at a cost of over 60 billion dollars.

Tasha Easterling reports that Keith Olbermann went on a tirade against Scott Brown calling him a number of names and has yet to apologize for his remarks.

American Family Association

by R. Burge

The AFA lauds the recent effort by Pro Life groups to protest the opening of a Planned Parenthood ‘super-center’ in Texas. According to Tasha Easterling over 10,000 Christians showed up to protest and pray or the center to be unable to open its doors.

The AFA urges the President to open up health care negotiations, which he promised he would do 8 times during his campaign. They ask their readership to contact their elected officials.

The AFA is upset over an episode of ‘The Simpsons’ in which Homer travels to Israel and believes he has become the Messiah. They believe this to be derogatory to the Christian faith and asks it readership to contact Fox and ask that this episode never be aired.

Elijah Friedeman tells Republicans to not start celebrating victory in Massachusetts yet and encourages them to vote to ensure Brown wins the special election.  Friedeman also criticizes Coakley for asking for votes at a MLK day memorial. Jeremy Wiggins also notes that there have been left wing groups who have been utilizing robocalls that spread false information to dissuade voters from casting their ballot for Brown.

Matt Friedeman takes a piece from RealClearPolitics to explain why Obama’s approval ratings have fallen so sharply. The reasons listed are: not being post partisan, allowing Reid and Pelosi to run the legislative branch, and pursuing an agenda that does not fit the times.

David Limbaugh writes an essay criticizing Obama’s foreign policy believing that it appeases terrorists and does not address the key issues of the war on terror.

Finally the AFA publishes an email sent from a PhD student in political science who feels that the textbooks are biased and wonders if he can continue his studies in such a hostile environment.

American Family Association

by R. Burge

Tasha Easterling passes along statements made by Texas Gov. Rick Perry who distanced himself from Al Gore and noted that the current climate change legislation will prove to be extremely costly to future generations and is based on bad science.

David P. Smith criticizes Pres. Obama for his pledge of transparency during the campaign, one which he hasn’t maintained since he was sworn in. He concludes, “It sounds like the same, old, “bait and switch” trick. I think many people are realizing they have been deceived, and it’s not from a friend telling them the truth.”

Matt Friedeman notes that there is a story being floated by the Weekly Standard that indicates the White House will push for the closure of an Air Force Base in Sen. Ben Nelson’s home state if he does not fall in line with health care reform legislation. Jeremy Wiggins notes the same item in another post.

A leftist website held a design contest for health care reform, with the winning entry featuring a heart in Washington D.C. with arteries and veins branching out to the rest of the country. Friedeman writes, “Liberals think America is centered around D.C., not main street America. That’s why we have this monstrosity of a government-perpetuating, tax-increasing, freedom-stealing bill.”

Elijah Friedeman mentions an interesting juxtaposition going on in Copenhagen during the climate change conference. While the issue on the table is global warming the temperatures in Denmark are unusually frigid. He writes, “It’s hard to take the global warming alarmists seriously when they are holding a summit in the midst of sub-zero tempatures.”

Finally, E. Friedeman passes along some recent antics on the Senate floor where Sen. Coburn demanded that an amendment to health care reform be read aloud by the Senate clerk, which was estimated to take over 38 hours. After 3 hours of reading the Senator who introduced the legislation, Bernie Sanders of Vermont withdrew the amendment.

American Family Association

by R. Burge

Jeremy Wiggins is upset at Washington D.C. which has found a workaround from the Hyde amendment which denies federal dollars for abortion procedures. The District insists that the money that will go towards these procedures is not, in fact, federal dollars but instead locally raised money through local taxes.

The AFA also publishes a list of 100 reasons why climate change is a natural part of the Earth’s life cycle. The AFA writes, “The hype over man-caused global warming is nothing more than hoax and change. The bottom line here is that’s it’s time to stick a fork in Al Gore and his theory – he’s done.”

Bryan Fischer notes that CPAC is experiencing a fracturing as a group named GOProud is joining the organization. GOPround is an organization that advocates for equal rights for homosexuals. Fischer writes, “Simply put, homosexuality is not a conservative value. Homosexual behavior is immoral, contrary to nature, and poses exaggerated health risks to its practitioners…By allowing GOProud into its collapsible and possibly collapsing big tent, CPAC has not just allowed the camel’s nose to slip under the edge of the tent but has seated his unsightly derriere at the table. The barbarians will no longer be at the gate but will be inside the fort.”

Jeremy Wiggins also retells the story from yesterday about a boy who was ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation for drawing a picture of Jesus on the cross.

Finally, the AFA sends out an action alert specifically for the state of Michigan which legislature is working on a new bullying bill. Included in the latest draft is language about the sexual orientation of the student. The Alert reads, “Homosexual activists have schemed for years to use legitimate concern for student safety as a Trojan Horse to create special rights based on homosexual behavior and cross-dressing by inserting — for the first time ever — the terms “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” into Michigan law”

American Family Association

by R. Burge

When an 8 year old student was asked to draw a picture that reminded him of Christmas he drew one of Jesus hanging on a cross, the teacher became concerned because of the violent image and had him removed from the classroom and taken for a psychological evaluation. Elijah Friedeman writes, “What an idiotic reaction on the part of the school. The image of Christ on the cross has been around for centuries as Christian symbol. Is this school really dumb enough to think that because a kid drew a picture of Jesus on the cross that he’s violent? This student understands the reason for Christmas while the school administrators obviously do not.”

Matt Friedeman writes about an ongoing program in African countries to rid their landscapes of thousands of unexploded land mines. The African Giant Pouched Rat is large enough to detonate the mines and have been released in fields that still remain uncleared. Friedeman lauds the idea although wonders if PETA would be opposed.

Matt Friedeman also passes along a story about the sorry state of education in Detroit. In some places parents are advocating that teachers are performing so poorly they should be sent to jail. Friedeman juxtaposes this with a story about the turnaround going on in Washington D.C.’s public schools under a new chancellor.

American Family Association

by R. Burge

The AFA urges its readers to contact their Senators today as they believe that the current version of health care reform is on the ropes. The current revision that would expand Medicare is not viable to many and the AFA believes this is an opportunity for constituents to make their voices heard.

Jeremy Wiggins informs readers that a New Jersey woman who was comatose after having an abortion procedure has won her lawsuit against the provider for nearly $2 million. Wiggins believes this demonstrates how dangerous abortions truly are.

In a recent interview Pres. Obama gave his first year in office a B+, Elijah Friedeman disagrees giving him a D+ instead.

Friedeman also passes along recent Rasmussen numbers that indicate Pres. Obama’s approval has fallen to an all time low. He is puzzled as to the specific reason for this decline, possibly pointing to health care reform.

Matt Friedeman mentions that a Chinese official in Copenhagen at the environment conference advocated for their one child policy. He writes, “But these radical views on birth control as a means to help the environment aren’t confined to Communist nations. People in America are starting to suggest similar ideas.” He names Sec. Clinton as an example.

Matt Friedeman is perplexed and intrigued by a Christianity Today article which indicates that there is a growing movement of Messianic Muslims. He views the movement with skepticism and hope.

Jerry Richardson believes that Pres. Obama’s current position on Afghanistan is full of ambiguities, scapegoating, and hedging his bets.

Bryan Fischer argues that the Constitution only permits Christians to serve for the federal government, what it does not allow however is for discrimination based on denomination. He writes in summary, “Clearly, then the point of Article VI in the federal Constitution was to allow all Christians of whatever denomination – “whether protestant, or catholic, or presbyterian or episcopalian, &c.” – to serve in the national government. Rather than being an anti-Christian plank, it was an explicitly pro-Christian plank, affirming the different manifestations of Christianity in all its varied hues, and an expression of tolerance and inclusivity for members of all Christian faiths.”