Mohler: Marriage and more on trial in Calif.

by Ruth Moon

Religion and normative standards seem to be on trial in a California move to repeal Proposition 8.

Abortion doctors are becoming anti-abortion more frequently due to ultrasounds. “The ultrasound image reveals the undeniable humanity of the baby within the womb,” Mohler says.


Al Mohler: God and Haiti

by Ruth Moon

God judges all nations but does not hate Haiti; the earthquake points to humankind’s need for redemption.

Al Mohler: Dolphins and top 10 of 2009

by Ruth Moon

Dolphins are not non-human persons.

Mohler picks his top 10 events of 2009 (No. 1: Barack Obama’s inauguration).

The prostitute responsible for Eliot Spitzer’s demise has been hired as a columnist by The New York Post. Columnist Ellen Goodman sees this as a commentary on American culture’s lack of shame. Mohler says culture is shameless because Americans have lost a sense of conviction of sin.

Al Mohler on abortion

by Ruth Moon

The American conscience is conflicted on the issue of abortion, and Americans should have a serious conversation about it.

Al Mohler: “Gracious restraint” is bad leadership

by Ruth Moon

Archbishop Rowan Williams’ call for “gracious restraint” in dealing with the recently-appointed lesbian Episcopal bishop Mary Glasspool is a poor choice. “When truth is at stake, denominational etiquette is no basis for courageous leadership,” Mohler says. “A call for ‘gracious restraint’ is no leadership at all.”

Francis Collins’ announcement of the new stem cell lines open at the NIH raise questions about his faith.

The Swiss minaret ban is “a cowardly move that contradicts Swiss commitments to religious freedom and tolerance.”

Al Mohler: Societal decisions

by Ruth Moon

Mohler signed The Manhattan Declaration because, he says, Christians “are facing an inevitable and culture-determining decision on the three issues centrally identified in this statement.”

Mental illness – one reason given for the Fort Hood shootings –  should not be an excuse for immorality.

The Manhattan Declaration: Christians Unite on Life, Marriage, & Liberty

by Tobin Grant

Yesterday, a coalition of Christian leaders (some political, some not) announced the “Manhattan Declaration“.  Most of the leaders were Evangelicals, but conservative leaders from Anglican, Catholic, and Orthodox churches were also signatories.

The Declaration is a call “to reaffirm fundamental truths about justice and the common good…These truths are:

  1. the sanctity of human life
  2. the dignity of marriage as the conjugal union of husband and wife
  3. the rights of conscience and religious liberty.”

You can read more about the Declaration at the NYT.

Most of the signatories are conservatives, both politically and religiously.  However, there were many influential conservative groups that are part of this coalition.  Here is a breakdown of which of the groups we tracked signed the Declaration.

Groups that were original signatories:

  • ADF
  • Al Mohler
  • Chuck Colson/Break Point
  • Ethics and Public Policy Center
  • Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission and Richard Land
  • Evangelicals for Social Action
  • Family Research Council
  • Focus on the Family Action
  • Institute on Religion and Democracy
  • National Association of Evangelicals
  • Susan B. Anthony List

Groups that were not original signatories:

  • ACLJ
  • AFA
  • AUL
  • CBN
  • Center for Just Society
  • Center for Moral Clarity
  • CWA
  • Faith in Public Life
  • Liberty Counsel
  • National Right to Life Committee
  • Relevant’s “Reject Apathy”
  • Sojourners
  • Traditional Values Coalition