Susan B. Anthony List: “Authentic pro-life feminism”

by E. Carroll

-SBAL President Marjorie Dannenfelser said of Sharron Angle’s victory in the Nevada Senate Republican primary:

“Sharron Angle is helping to usher in the year of the pro-life woman by leading the return to feminism’s pro-life roots.  Voters believe in Sharron’s ability to unseat one of the pro-abortion health care bill’s biggest supporters and that opportunity comes at a critical turning point for women in politics.”

-“SBAL Candidate Fund-endorsed Carly Fiorina defeated opponents Tom Campbell and Chuck DeVore in the California Senate Republican primary.”

-SBAL announced its endorsement of Sharron Angle, candidate for U.S. Senate in Nevada.

-SBAL President Marjorie Dannenfelser called Tuesday’s victories for pro-life women candidates “the greatest affirmation of our mission in the history of the organization,” and “proof that Americans are responding to authentic, pro-life feminism.”

-SBAL “announced its endorsement of Oklahoma gubernatorial candidate Mary Fallin, citing her “’perfect pro-life voting record and outspoken advocacy of pro-life issues.’”

-SBAL President Marjorie Dannenfelser’s response to Florida Governor Charlie Crist’s veto of HB 1143:

“Today, Charlie Crist, reversed his previously pro-woman, pro-life stance.  By vetoing a bill that gives a woman seeking an abortion the option to have an ultrasound, he denies them vital information needed to make the most educated decision possible.  Every other medical field is moving toward giving patients more information before a procedure. This veto shows a lack of confidence in women’s ability to process the full range of information that is technologically available.  It is not ‘mean-spirited’ to give a woman the most complete information in making an informed decision about something as serious as abortion.  If the visual reality of a child developing in her womb makes a woman change her decision to abort, we’re achieving what so many claim to support, which is to put the decision-making power in the hands of women and help make abortions rare.  To deny women the full range of information is paternalistic and elitist.  This is exactly the kind of double-standard we’re witnessing in the feminist debate right now, where a man like Governor Crist can tell women what is best for them, while insisting that this is freedom.

“Unfortunately Governor Crist’s betrayal goes beyond denying information to women and extends to entangling all Floridians in the act of subsidizing abortions with their tax dollars.  By vetoing this legislation, Governor Crist is allowing Floridians’ tax dollars to subsidize insurance plans that pay for abortion as permitted in the new federal health care bill.  Governor Crist had the chance to ensure that no tax dollars would pay for plans with abortion as several states have already done.  Instead he betrayed the consciences of Floridians and punished women and the unborn.”


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