Americans United for Life: Abortion, postponements, and obsessions… OH MY!

by E. Carroll

AUL reports:

-“In 1997, while serving as an associate White House Counsel to President Bill Clinton, Elena Kagan advised the President on HR 1122, a bill to ban partial-birth abortions. Kagan’s memo to the President containing her advice was selectively leaked to the press and has been spun to present Kagan as a moderate who would possibly be friendly to pro-life legislation.  The memo, however, does not support that conclusion.  Rather, Kagan’s advice to President Clinton indicates that she could be hostile to pro-life legislation.  Moreover, it raises questions regarding her respect for the Constitution.”

-Elena Kagan calls Aharon Barak her “judicial hero.”

-“During her Senate confirmation hearings last year to become U.S. Solicitor General, Elena Kagan was asked her view of the role of foreign law in statutory interpretation.  Kagan responded: ‘At least some members of the Court find foreign law relevant in at least some contexts. When this is the case, I think the Solicitor General’s office should offer reasonable foreign law arguments to attract these Justices’ support for the positions that the office is taking.’”

-AUL is asking that Elena Kagan’s confirmation hearings be postponed.

-Oklahoma is the sixth state to opt out of “taxpayer-funded” abortion.

-“Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee should extensively question Kagan about her financial support of a pro-abortion organization, lifetime work for pro-abortion policy makers, troubling admiration for judicial activists, hostile views towards commonsense regulations of abortion, and her disapproval of federal funding for programs that help pregnant women simply because the recipients of federal funds are religious organizations.  All of these raise serious concerns about Kagan’s judicial philosophy and whether she will respect Court holdings that contradict her views.

-“Yesterday, we asked the Senate Judiciary Committee to postpone the Kagan confirmation hearings if the Clinton Presidential Library fails to deliver important documents from Ms. Kagan’s tenure in the Clinton Administration with enough lead time to allow Senators to thoroughly examine them. In a Senate floor speech yesterday, Senator Jeff Sessions said that he would have no choice but to ask for a delay if the documents are not delivered in a timely fashion. I applaud Senator Sessions for his leadership. The American people and their elected representatives need to have all of the facts available to them when weighing this critical, lifetime appointment to the United States Supreme Court.”


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