IRD: Health care and immigration

by Ruth Moon

IRD’s Mark Tooley mentioned the “buyer’s remorse” Tony Campolo and other Christian leaders seem to have over Obama’s presidency (and health care specifically).

“Like others, Campolo and the evangelical left saw Obama as their Rorschach candidate, and now express frustration that he has been more faithful to his abortion rights voting record than to their fictional portrayal of him,” Tooley said in the e-mail. “Voices on the evangelical left have seemed all too willing to downplay clear Christian moral teaching in order to join Obama’s push for bigger government.”

IRD Religious Liberty Director Faith McDonnell commented on a Muslim-Christian summit in Washington, D.C. earlier this month, expressing “concerns that the summit will be an exercise in capitulation and appeasement to Islamists.”

The IRD also commented on Washington, D.C.’s recent decision to allow same-sex marriage and fear that Catholic Charities would lose government funding over the issue: “All those who value their religious freedom should be up in arms at this attempted coercion of consciences. If Catholics are not allowed to be Catholic, none of us can rest secure in our liberty.”

The IRD also disapproved of an upcoming march in Washington, D.C. intended to advocate for “eventual amnesty and largely open borders under the banner of Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR).”

“Divine commands for fairness and justice do not automatically equal liberalized immigration, any more than they equate to socialized medicine, global warming alarmism, or American disarmament,” the IRD said in an e-mail. “The religious left, uncomfortable with the theology and moral teachings of its own traditions, prefers the supposed clarity and liberation of left-wing activism.”


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