Susan B. Anthony List: Getting the show on the road

by E. Carroll

-SBAL released a statement commenting on the March for Life in Washington, D.C.  whereby they assert that the “majority” (read: pro-life) of Americans are making their voices heard.  The statement read:

“This growing, bursting at the seams March for Life is an impressive and visible sign of a quiet populist reality.  The numbers marching today are spillover of a movement growing exponentially that has just achieved what no other issue base can claim – helping to bring down the President’s top domestic priority.

“President Obama was so ideologically fixated upon forcing all of us to finance almost every abortion committed in this nation that he ultimately paid for that extremism with the death of health care.

“There are lessons here.  The people marching today from every nook and cranny of the nation represent millions more who find ‘pro-choice’ rhetoric empty of meaning and abortion-friendly policies a violation of their consciences.

“According to recent national surveys a majority of Americans now consider themselves pro-life.

“They have made their voice heard on the health care bill.  We will see evidence of this tidal wave of opinion in important Congressional races this November 2nd.”


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