IRD: Don’t ignore persecuted Christians

by Ruth Moon

The IRD’s Faith McDonnell said the World Evangelical Alliance should not have ignored China’s persecuted church when it visited the country recently. “We cannot do service to one part of the Body of Christ at the cost of doing disservice to another,” McDonnell said. “We find it staggering that there was no acknowledgment of the 80 million or more Chinese house church Christians or what they face from the Chinese government.”

Mark Tooley commented on climate issues during the Copenhagen summit in December.

“Harsh prophecies of climate catastrophe need to be weighed against the impact on still-developing nations. Environmental fears should not excuse perpetuating poverty,” he said. “There is much to celebrate in the past generation: America and other Western nations now have cleaner water, air and land. How can we help other nations work for both a clean environment and economic growth without peddling apocalyptic fears?”

Southern Sudan’s persecuted Christians need attention and help as much as those suffering in Darfur.


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