American Family Association

by R. Burge

Tasha Easterling passes along statements made by Texas Gov. Rick Perry who distanced himself from Al Gore and noted that the current climate change legislation will prove to be extremely costly to future generations and is based on bad science.

David P. Smith criticizes Pres. Obama for his pledge of transparency during the campaign, one which he hasn’t maintained since he was sworn in. He concludes, “It sounds like the same, old, “bait and switch” trick. I think many people are realizing they have been deceived, and it’s not from a friend telling them the truth.”

Matt Friedeman notes that there is a story being floated by the Weekly Standard that indicates the White House will push for the closure of an Air Force Base in Sen. Ben Nelson’s home state if he does not fall in line with health care reform legislation. Jeremy Wiggins notes the same item in another post.

A leftist website held a design contest for health care reform, with the winning entry featuring a heart in Washington D.C. with arteries and veins branching out to the rest of the country. Friedeman writes, “Liberals think America is centered around D.C., not main street America. That’s why we have this monstrosity of a government-perpetuating, tax-increasing, freedom-stealing bill.”

Elijah Friedeman mentions an interesting juxtaposition going on in Copenhagen during the climate change conference. While the issue on the table is global warming the temperatures in Denmark are unusually frigid. He writes, “It’s hard to take the global warming alarmists seriously when they are holding a summit in the midst of sub-zero tempatures.”

Finally, E. Friedeman passes along some recent antics on the Senate floor where Sen. Coburn demanded that an amendment to health care reform be read aloud by the Senate clerk, which was estimated to take over 38 hours. After 3 hours of reading the Senator who introduced the legislation, Bernie Sanders of Vermont withdrew the amendment.


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