Focus on the Family

by Jessica Bryan

Focus reported that economic hard times are lowering the divorce rate while the stress on the military is actually increasing the divorce rate in military families.  The group also discussed statements by NBA commissioner David Stern about the NBA’s possible new support for gambling,  the nomination of  Louis Butler, a former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice , to a federal district court judgeship, and commented on the changes in the phenomenon of  “sexting” among teens.

An email from Focus argued that not much of the 1.1 billion allocated in the 2010 omnibus bill will go to “family-friendly causes.”

A second email from the group discussed the meeting of the Democratic caucus at the White House with President Obama to discuss health care reform, with Republicans holding a rally the same day.

A Focus on the Family Acton email on “how your support of Focus Action in the last 12 months has helped us ‘fight the good fight’ on behalf of truth and righteousness in dozens of states, not to mention major efforts on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.—with results that are surprising and encouraging!”  These results include defending Prop 8, influencing the 2009 elections, and petitioning Congress.


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