American Family Association

by R. Burge

When an 8 year old student was asked to draw a picture that reminded him of Christmas he drew one of Jesus hanging on a cross, the teacher became concerned because of the violent image and had him removed from the classroom and taken for a psychological evaluation. Elijah Friedeman writes, “What an idiotic reaction on the part of the school. The image of Christ on the cross has been around for centuries as Christian symbol. Is this school really dumb enough to think that because a kid drew a picture of Jesus on the cross that he’s violent? This student understands the reason for Christmas while the school administrators obviously do not.”

Matt Friedeman writes about an ongoing program in African countries to rid their landscapes of thousands of unexploded land mines. The African Giant Pouched Rat is large enough to detonate the mines and have been released in fields that still remain uncleared. Friedeman lauds the idea although wonders if PETA would be opposed.

Matt Friedeman also passes along a story about the sorry state of education in Detroit. In some places parents are advocating that teachers are performing so poorly they should be sent to jail. Friedeman juxtaposes this with a story about the turnaround going on in Washington D.C.’s public schools under a new chancellor.


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