American Family Association

by R. Burge

Matt Friedeman is worried about recent findings from Pew which indicate that significant numbers of Christians believe in Eastern ideas about spirituality including reincarnation and astrology. Friedeman believes that these are antithetical to Christianity.

Friedeman is also angry at the GOP for focusing on the playoff system in college football instead of the larger issues facing our country such as the mounting deficit or health care reform.

Bryan Fischer has come up with a solution to the minaret problem in Switzerland. He writes,

So, let’s tell the Muslim world: we believe in religious liberty, but you don’t. We believe in religious liberty, but we’re not saps. Let’s have a little reciprocity here. One minaret in the West for every steeple in the Muslim world. How about it?

Jeremy Wiggins is concerned by the History Channel’s funding of Howard Zinn’s work entitled “The People Speak.” What sets Zinn apart is his critical view of history and desire to share the most heinous parts of American history to young children, including the lynching of slaves.


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