IRD: Episcopal Church wrong

by Ruth Moon

In an e-mail update, Mark Tooley takes to task the Episcopal Church for approving same-sex marriage. He says:

Christians and Jews traditionally have believed that marriage as man and woman was part of God’s original order of creation.  But supposedly trendy church officials think that secular culture should redefine for the Church what marriage actually is.   These faddish church prelates, striving to be relevant, always end up making themselves, and their churches, irrelevant, as they float endlessly with the tide, unmoored to any anchor.

Mary Glasspool “has unapologetically taken sexual expression outside of the God-ordained boundary of Holy Matrimony,” IRD’s Jeff Walton said in an e-mail. “In the view of the wider Anglican Communion, this practice makes her unqualified to serve in the role of a bishop.”


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