American Family Association

by R. Burge

Matt Friedeman writes about a recent study conducted on the pornography viewing habits of males. The researchers encountered a problem when they tried to find men who had not viewed pornography. Their entire sample had watched pornography at one point and many partook on a daily basis. Friedeman writes, “This is simply outrageous, but in our sex-saturated sulture, not entirely surprising.”

In the “Prophecy Matters” segment the AFA argues that the American public is in favor of supporting Israel, while the government does not. The author writes, “Sadly, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton show their contempt for the Scriptures by squeezing Israel. This painful reality also shows me that the biblical prophecies that look toward a day in the final period of world history when the international community will get fed-up with Israel…are further proof that the Bible is all true.”

Bryan Fischer takes exception with a recent article made by Warren Cole Smith which advocates a conscientious objector status in the war on Christmas. Fischer believes that this is ceding the battle to secular fundamentalists.

Bryan Fischer also objects to the way that the mainstream media handled a recent incident on a flight from Atlanta to Houston. Apparently there were a dozen Muslim men on the plane who were causing a disturbance with their electronic devices. One man refused to hang up his cell phone call even when prompted by the flight attendants and pilot. The AP failed to report the ethnicity of the men in question. Fischer writes, “It is only a matter of time before political correctness (note the airbrushing of the incident in the mainstream media above) kills another planeload of passengers as well as innocents living and working on the ground.”

The AFA notes that Pres. Obama used the phrase Christmas tree twice as well as ending his remarks by wishing the audience Merry Christmas.

Fischer also notes that 26 Asian students were beaten by their white and black counterparts. This was not referred to by police or the media as a hate crime, when black on white or the white on black incidents would undoubtedly be treated as such. Fischer writes,

This incident shows the silliness and the injustice of “hate crimes” laws. If the same criminal activity had been carried out by whites on blacks, the NAACP, the Rev. Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would already be in full howl, press conferences would be held, bullhorns brandished, and all we’ be hearing about is how racist America is, our sad legacy of slavery and how much we need special punishments for race-based crimes to purge the soul of the nation.

The AFA notes the humor in a recent Al Gore speech on global warming being canceled because of likelihood of freezing rain. Politico refers to this as the Gore Effect.

Fischer also notes that sex changes might become the next battleground in equal rights.


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