American Family Association

by R. Burge

Tasha Easterling posts today about the recent publicity given to college football players who are also Christians, specifically naming Tim Tebow as a prime example. “[This] served as a big reminder to me that God is alive and well, and is often at work where I least expect it – even in college football. ”

Mike Adams gives a lengthy description of his activities in the last five years to fight for freedom of speech for conservative students and faculty on college campuses.

David Limbaugh writes that President Obama and the Democrats in Congress are guilty of using trick accounting to make it appear that the health care reform package will cost much less than it actually will.  The Heritage Foundation believes that the current Senate version of the bill will add $370 billion in taxes over the next decade. Limbaugh concludes, “But as depressing as Obama’s relentless socialist assault on America is, I am continually lifted up by the fighting spirit of those who will never abandon the fight to preserve liberty.”

Kerby Andersen writes about the paranoia surrounding the date of 2012 and the end of the world. Andersen uses his column to dispel rumors and assert that the world will not end according to the Mayan calendar.


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