IRD: Abortion, health care and the church

by Ruth Moon

In an e-mail update, Mark Tooley asks for donations “to ensure that … radical church lobbies in Washington, D.C. do NOT successfully persuade Congress and the media that they speak for millions of churchgoers” about government-funded abortion.

Tooley takes issue with a new report by a Massachusetts advocacy group which states  that U.S. Christians are manipulating African Christians to believe homosexuality is wrong. He also says the U.S. should not withdraw quickly from Afghanistan, calling that “unrealistic pacifism.”

In response to the United Methodist denomination and others calling for abortion coverage in the health care bill, Tooley said:

For the mostly new Evangelical Left and the old Religious Left, government-imposed universal health care is a long-time totem for which their activists have toiled across years and decades. Politically liberal evangelicals who still are pro-life, or who at least care about gathering support from the majority of evangelicals who are, remain anxious to preserve Stupak-Pitts.

The old Religious Left, which has enthusiastically supported unrestricted abortion since the 1960s, sees the proposed abortion funding restriction in Obamacare as a nightmarish stain upon their utopian dream of socialized medicine.

United Methodism officially opposes partial-birth abortions and abortions for gender-selection or birth control. But the ultra-liberal United Methodist Capitol Hill lobby office interprets the stance as supporting unrestricted abortion rights.

Evangelical Left activists like Jim Wallis desperately want Obamacare – even if it entails abortion restrictions – and see Stupak-Pitts as a sweetener for their constituency. Hard-line old Religious Leftists portray Stupak-Pitts as an outrageous accommodation of theocracy.

Both Evangelical Left and Religious Left are united in their messianic hopes for socialized health care and almost certainly will support Obamacare ultimately in any form.


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