Family Research Council

by Jessica Bryan

The first post by the FRC from two days ago discussed, at length, Winston Churchill and one of his bodyguards, the movie The Fly and sci-fi transporters, and “perversions of science” such as stem cell research, all leading up to a brief statement on the naming of President Obama’s new bioethics advisory commission this week.

The group posted links to “some articles of interest,” talked about Obama and his bioethics commission to be named, discussed using adult stem cells for repairing damage done to human hearts from heart attacks, reported on a recent GSS survey and claimed that the results indicate that “married adults are more likely to believe in the importance of having their own children than unmarried adults,” compared “the slaughter of innocents at home and around the world through the actions of an aggressively pro-abortion administration” to the Holocaust, discussed the vote in Switzerland to not allow the construction of any more minarets,  and noted that adult stem cells are being used on lung injuries.

An email from the FRC displays different companies who, when you purchase something from their website (which you must access through the FRC’s “special online portal”), will donate between 1% and 4% to the FRC.  The email links to the “Family Research Council Mall.”


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