Traditional Values Coalition: Burqa Barbie

by Jessica Bryan

In her latest post, TVC’s Andrea Lafferty expresses outrage in response to Mattel’s newest Barbie doll: “Burqa Barbie.”  Here are some excerpts  from her post:

…So I hope under that brightly colored burqa the new Mattel doll is badly bruised and has a frightened look on her face because most women in burqas are severely abused women.

…Shariah law is a despicable and anti-Constitutional throwback to the Dark Ages when rights were reserved only for males of certain religions. It is the opposite of America where we guarantee rights equally to every person, except the unborn.

Mattel could do a public service by distributing a “Rifqa Bary” Barbie doll which resembles the young Muslim woman in Ohio whose radical parents intend to kill her because she has professed her belief in Jesus Christ.

…The doll would need to look radiant and courageous like the real Rifka but it would be easy to accessorize. A miniature Bible could be tucked under her arm. And a set of cowardly politicians could be enclosed and they would do absolutely nothing just like they did in the real government hearings in Florida and Ohio.

An email from the TVC argues that several of the bills and nominations that will be voted on in the next month will “threaten religious freedom, our children, and our health care system.”  The TVC asked for readers to contact their senators.  The email also linked to several of the posts from the TVC website (from “Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) Threatens the Practice of Religion & Our Nation’s Children” through “Reid ‘Health Care’ Reform Bill Increases Premiums by $3,100 Yearly and Funds Abortion!”).


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