Focus on the Family

by Jessica Bryan

Focus discussed the Manhattan Declaration calling it “bold” and saying that:

The authors and signers unapologetically defend the sanctity of life and marriage from a biblical and social perspective.  The document also outlines the cultural challenges to the freedom of religion and rights of conscience.

The group also urged readers to contact their senators over the Thanksgiving holiday week and ask them to vote against the health care reform bill which supposedly provides funding for abortion.

An email from Focus discussed the Senate vote to allow debate on the health care reform bill and what certain senators “stood to gain from the move.”

A second email from the group talked about a high school guidance counselor who is being criticized for “appearing in an ad supporting repeal of the state’s same-sex marriage law.”

In a third email, Focus discussed a ruling by a judge to give custody to the former partner of the biological mother of a little girl.  The article begins as follows:

Superior Judge William Cohen ruled last week that Lisa Miller, a former lesbian who is now a Christian, must hand her daughter, Isabelle, over to her former partner, Janet Jenkins by Jan. 1.

Miller conceived Isabella through artificial insemination while she was in a civil union with Jenkins.  About a year later, Miller left homosexuality.


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