American Family Association

The AFA applauds recent statements by Sen. Bennet (D-CO) for saying on CNN that he would still vote for the health care reform package even if it cost him reelection. Elijah Friedeman hopes that all Democrats in Congress do not feel the same way.

In an apparent bowing to pressure the GAP has decided to air advertisements that specifically use the word Christmas. This is possibly in response to a boycott put together by the AFA and other Christian organizations.

Matt Friedeman highlights a recent critique of the Prosperity Gospel by J. Lee Grady in Christianity Today.

In Belgium a car crash victim who suffered severe head trauma and was in a coma for 23 years suddenly, with the assistance of technology, able to again communicate with the outside world. The victim had apparently been able to hear and understand everything that was occurring around him during his coma. The AFA believes this gives further support to fight for patients like this and Terri Schiavo to continue their lives.

The AFA also passes along the written text of the Manhattan Declaration which supports the rights of the unborn, affirms that marriage is between one man and one woman, and advocates for strong protections of religious freedom. They do not however affix their name to the document.

In a lengthy post by Chuck Norris, he writes that the freedoms Americans hold dear are shrinking rapidly in recent years. He points to the national deficit as well as current health care reform plans as examples of this freedom.

For the third time in recent weeks the AFA has highlighted the “Send Congress a Pink Slip Campaign” which is fighting for every member of Congress to be unseated in the coming elections.

Finally, Kerby Andersen gives a lengthy explanation of the legal precedent for display of the Ten Commandments in government supported property.


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