American Family Association

by R. Burge

The back and forth between AFA bloggers Elijah Friedeman and Bryan Fischer continues today over the issue of Muslims in the military. While Fischer contends that Islam is essentially a violent religion that is at odds with American ideals, Friedeman takes a softer stance. He writes, “When you look at the main reasons Muslims come to Christ, you see that three of the reasons center around love, either the love of God or the love that Christians have, and two of the reasons center around God’s power. Not surprisingly, antagonistic Christians are not on the list.”

In a paragraph seemingly aimed at Fischer, Friedeman states, “Instead of constantly proclaiming that Islam is evil because you heard someone quote several verses from the Koran that promoted killing, why don’t you develop a relationship with a Muslim? Let them see how you’re different from others. Let them see your love and the love of your God. The research tells us if you do this, you have a much better chance of making a difference in the lives of Muslims than if you had merely caustically derided their faith.”

Another post mentions the recent debate over breast cancer screening. A new finding by a governmental panel indicates that annual screenings should begin at 50, instead of the current standard of 40.  The AFA sees this an initial foray in to rationing care that will be a hallmark of the Obama administration’s health care reform package.


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