Focus on the Family

by Jessica Bryan

Focus commented on the ” series that questions Senators and Representatives about the constitutional provision that justifies forcing people to buy health insurance,” the debate between Maggie Gallagher (National Organization for Marriage) and Evan Wolfson (Freedom to Marry) on ABC’s Twittercast about the result of Maine’s Question 1, linked to a “commentary” written by a Focus blogger “about the effective messaging strategies used by marriage defenders in California and Maine,” commented on the results from a Gallup poll question asking about views on the government’s responsibility for health care, and, again, commented on the series that questions members of Congress about the constitutionality of Congress ordering Americans to buy health insurance.

An email from Focus contained an article about the AMA‘s stance on some “homosexual issues.”

A second email from the group contains an article about the threat of removal of the tax-exempt status of some Maine churches.

A third email from Focus links to an interview with Eric Buehrer, founder of Gateways to Better Education.


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