Family Research Council

by Jessica Bryan

Three days ago, the FRC remarked on the fact that Obama was not in Berlin to celebrate the Fall of the  Berlin Wall.  They went on to discuss some Cold War activities, and concluded by contrasting the administrations of Reagan and Obama, saying ” Today, this administration cannot even protect our own soldiers from murderous rampages by jihadists—in Texas.”

The FRC also discussed health care reform, posted links to “some articles of interest,” interpreted results from a GSS survey to infer that “married adults are more likely to be proud of the type of work they do, compared to single adults,” criticized  MSNBC Host Dylan Ratigan for “attacking”  Cathy Ruse (calling her a liar) for her comments on health care reform and abortion, and criticized Obama for his comments on the Ft. Hood shooting and the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

In a Washington Update email, the FRC discussed the health care bill that passed the House last Saturday, along with the Stupak-Pitts amendment.  The FRC still considers the bill to be a “seriously flawed piece of legislation.”

An FRC Action Alert email from Tony Perkins discussed the possibility of the heath care bill passing in the Senate, and asked subscribers to sign a petition telling the Senate to not allow funding for abortion in the bill.

A second Washington Upadate email accused the Democrats of using the IRS to “scrub” “religion from the public square,” commented on Obama’s statement about the passage of the Stupak-Pitts amendment, blamed “political correctness” for the Ft. Hood shooting, wished the Marines a “Happy 234th Birthday,” and pointed out other supposed problems with the health care reform bill.


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