Susan B. Anthony List:

by E. Carroll

-SBAL President Marjorie Dannenfelser offered the following statement regarding health care reform:

“Senator Reid should take his cues from the House and pro-life members of his own caucus when crafting abortion language in the Senate health care reform bill. What Senator Nelson and many others recognize is that the Stupak language is the only authentic abortion exclusion measure.

“Given President Obama’s record and his promises to the abortion lobby, it is a safe assumption that he will support abortion-friendly language under the guise of ‘compromise.’ Despite his rhetoric, there is just simply no room for compromise when human life is at stake. Either you fund abortion or you don’t. 

“We’ve already seen phony compromises like the Capps Amendment offered by abortion advocates. These accounting gimmicks are not acceptable. American taxpayers demand safeguards that will ensure not one dime of federal funds will subsidize abortion or health plans that cover abortion. The Senate should respect this status quo, precedent set under the Hyde Amendment.”


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